I will start this report with a study in contrasts. This picture was taken on Saturday morning. We had had a few inches of new snow which made the going somewhat tricky since ice was often underneath. I made my way through the campsites following tracks of porcupines. It is hard to tell which direction they are going, but I just kept following while stopping quite often to look high in trees for those rodents. I never saw one, and have a feeling they were sleeping under the latrine as usual. There were the usual deer pathways which I also followed, though I didn't see one. I made my way over to the western side of the campground and paused at this site. I wonder if you can recognize where it is. What a gorgeous, sunny day! I almost felt like lighting a fire in that loose rock fireplace and enjoy the scenery. It was quite windy, but here was a sheltered site to enjoy. I often find myself appreciating the leafless trees that allow more of the view to be seen.

The day before, I ventured out, unprepared for the cold wind. I lasted about twenty minutes on Head Beach before walking over to check on the clammers who were bent over digging in the mud. Contrast this picture with the sunny one. Mind you, this picture was taken with color film, but it was a totally gray day. I was interested that the digging was being done near the workshop where it is deeply muddy. I wondered if it was partially frozen. What do you think of the ice chunks they had to thread their way through to get to the clams? Talk about dedication! The temperature was in the twenties.

Since the above was written, Phippsburg has been a state of static no power after rain then heavy snow turned off the electricity. It lasted for me three days. We got the wood burning stove going to make the house somewhat comfortable, but the wood was going fast. I started to run out of clean utensils, never mind the toilet flushing. We drained the water pipes since the temperature dropped down into the teens at night. Talk about primitive living! I think a generator is in order. Lots of people have that backup source of energy for emergencies like these. So it looks like winter is far from over, and next week looks like it too will have more snow. I think it is high time for a shower, inside of course.

 I did get out for a walk once the power was restored. I headed out for the campground and found the utility workers high overhead fixing the wires leading across to the Hermit. I chatted with them awhile, and then hurried over to check the beaches as the tide was going out. This time of year you do not find a lot of shells or other sealife. Mostly, it is seaweed. I picked up a few and headed over to Sanddune and Sunset Lagoon Beaches. I decided to arrange some of the findings on the background of snow as you see here. Those are Blue Mussel "daisies" and a stalk of Kelp with a nice growth of red Dulse on its stem. The Knotted Wrack can be quite beautiful when separated from its mass of growth. There are also a few stones, remnants of a crab and a fibrous patch of red algae. I left the design on the snow and wondered if anyone might stumble upon it. The going in the snow wasn't too tough as the temperature had risen above freezing. I stayed long enough to see a red ball of a sun sink below the water horizon. 2/27/09 Ronnie, almost Marching!