CATCHING UP ON THE CHANGES.. First of all, I want to apologize for getting behind in these reports. I have had computer problems that I am trying to address. So, please bear with me! Recent days have brought on heavy wind and rain, so most leaves are down. The beautiful colors we have been having are addressed by the Huckleberry shrubs that glow red in clumps along the shoreline. Now is the time to start looking for bird nests and moth cocoons made visible once the leaves have fallen. Also, I admire the structure of trees as seen in this birch clump.

In the picture to the right, the Huckleberry Shrubs are brightening up the scene on an overcast day. Unfortunately, those leaves are also starting to fall. I'm sure you recognize what beach is in the background. Where are all the people? The waves were quite large, and some surfers were riding them at Head Beach.

I stopped at the Alliquippa Landing this week where the waves were breaking over Goose Rock. All the boats were at their moorings on this blustery day. I climbed down the ramp to the shoreline and found myself picking up colorful crab shells. Keep in mind, you can't throw garbage overboard as we did in the "dark ages", but you can dump the shells and remains of anything that comes from the sea. Obviously, someone had cooked crabs and extracted the meat for dining. The shells were dumped everywhere and I couldn't help but think, these might be used somehow. Surely, someone may like to make a necklace with the string-able leg pieces and claws! Maybe they will add color to the wreathes I will soon be making! These are all the shells of Jonah crabs that are red when alive, but after cooking, they are a bright orange.

Just another note on the activity of my cat, Timothea. I had just retired when I heard her making some very loud noises. (This is a cat that has a large repetoire of vocalizations). I jumped out of bed, and there she presented me with a mouse, not another vole! Looks like our house is being invaded by these animals. Our cat is earning her keep. It makes me wonder, what's next?

11/9/10 Ronnie, the explorer.