I don't know about you, but some flowers stop me in my pause and absorb the extraordinary beauty. This is one. You have to catch it on sunny days before noon, because the petals close off this sunshine looking flower around that time. It grows in sandy places, often isolated from other like plants. It goes on to produce another "stop me in my tracks" moment when it forms a large seed head that looks something like a geodesic dome! When you blow that ball, the seeds disperse, each with a parachute. This stunning puffball is the source of its name, Goatsbeard. It is now blooming on the campground.

Here is another flower that caught my eye this week. It, too, was growing in the edges of sand. It is very common, but somehow is extraordinarily pink. Up close, it may make you guess its identity. A clue is in its leaves. Do you see the light green marking on its leaves? Believe it or not, this is Pink Clover growing in the parking lot near the Kelp Shed!

Also blooming on the shoreline are Silverleaf, Blue-Eyed Grass, and Three-toothed Ciinquefoil, all favorites of mine. The Rugosa Roses are just starting to blossom, and the masses of shrub Hooneysuckle are covered with flowers. I had to hunt for ripe Strawberries, but only found green ones. Though once on center stage, their white flowers are gone, and the fruit develops well hidden by grass and other growth.

I took my Tree Frog out for a walk on tree bark. The well camouflaged frog was obliging and made me giggle as it gobbled up a nearby ant. Notice how well it blends in with the lichen on this White Pine Tree. Its markings are not as distinct in this picture, but keep in mind its coloration is subject to change. Another distinctive identifying mark is that white blotch below its eye. When this animal stretches its hind legs, there are flashes of bright yellow skin on the inner thighs. Mind you, this frog was clinging vertically to the trunk of the tree. It hasn't sung for me the typical Tree Frog trill, but then again, it may be a silent female.

Speaking of frogs, I walked around the Lily Pond and was greeted by the calls of Green Frogs. The Bull Head yellow lilies are in full bloom. I detected no signs of turtles either out to lay eggs or take sunbaths. I've heard reports of Snapping Turtles leaving Center Pond with egg laying on their minds. Such departures are not always successful. I found one dead that must have weighed 30 pounds! My neighbor has been watching turtles climb out of Center Pond onto her lawn, both Painted and Snapping Turtles. She is trying to protect their eggs which are sought by Blackbirds. She also is finding it difficult to mow around marked nest sites in her lawn. Oh, the trials and tribulations of turtles!

Campsites are being tydied up for the grand opening on June 19th. I actually saw and heard lawnmowers being used in sites! Ticks are a worry these days, especially in the tall beach grass. Cutting the grass in campsites may make them freer of those worrisome animals. It is always wise to check for ticks when disrobing.

We are now having much needed rain.... at least needed if you are a plant and not a camper. I am about to give up my turtleneck and hunt for shorts. Meanwhile, an umbrella is kept handy. 6/10/09 June is busting out all over Ronnie!