Every beach has a unique character. I walked the strand line at Popham Beach, starting out by parking near the fort. I headed south as the tide was turning. I find that each beach produces different flotsam and jetsam. On this outing, I kept finding small pieces of wood that were worn smooth - each with an interesting shape and grain. I also found several clam shells, large and small, that had been drilled by a Moon Snail. How could I resist these things? When I finished my walk, I came upon some beautiful weathered stumps and decided then and there to fashion some wood characters. You see them here, with eyes from those drilled shells, and decorative sea glass ornaments. The background of the worn stump and seaweed added to the atmosphere. So if you want to make these wooded goodies, head for Popham.

I also came upon a nice piece of seaweed, heavily encrusted with coiled Spirobis. These are formed by a segmented worm that builds the calcified snail-like coil to live in. You would think they might be mollusks, but no, they are made by a small worm. Do we have a suggestion of green here?! Where is the Sea Lettuce?

I previously mentioned that the clammers are back working near the Lobster House as well as by the Kelp Shed. They have to climb over those ice chunks to get to the exposed mud flats. What a life, but I talked to one who was cheerful as he set out to ply his trade. In the picture, you should follow the diggings, and you will see one clammer bent over as he works his rake. Too bad he wasn't wearing high visibility orange, red or green! At least the clams were not sealed in by ice.

Well, it is St. Patrick's Day and most celebrations have been canceled due to more snow, sleet and rain. I did make it out yesterday before the flakes started to fly. It has been my custom, wherever I am, to celebrate on the trails by LOOKING FOR THINGS GREEN! I was hard pressed to find any, once I looked beyond the evergreen conifers. Before the snow started to fall, however, I found these growing in the woods - Moss, Wood Ferns, and chewed tips from Spruce. Now, I know, these are covered by white snow, so I'll have to dig in my drawers and find something green to wear.

3/17/07 Ronnie, wearing green. HAPPY ST. PATRICK'S DAY!