Now that the fishing derby is over, we can start thinking of lobsters again! Here you see Chris and a friend of mine looking down into the lobster pound where they have spotted a live lobster. There is no ice on the dammed cove, and come next week, the first lobsters will be retrieved by a diver for selling on the market. The lobsters will be gradually picked up until the final drain when this process of holding lobsters over the winter for spring sales ends. Gulls would fly over hear since they will attack any lobsters in shallow water. Every once in a while, Chris would holler at those birds to keep them at bay.

In the picture to the right, you see a boat in readiness to accompany the diver when he finds the lobsters. Also, there is a floating plastic covered house in which the animals will be sorted and checked for viability. Keep in mind....this is the most southern lobster pound in Maine. It is rather risky business since you are banking on the price of lobsters to go up during the winter. Unfortunately, so far, the price of lobsters has not gone that high.

After checking out the activity at the lobster pound, my friend joined me in checking the beaches on the north end of the island. The snow has pretty much disappeared, so we were able to venture on the orange trail and scout out the porcupine activity. We found none of these animals in trees, but their debarking efforts were quite apparent. We proceeded on to see where the deer were hiding, but found nothing but their piles of scat. We climbed down that open hill near the orchard, and my friend jumped into the bushes! She came out with a beautiful antler......what a find! We tried to find its mate, but were not successful. Sometimes, if you hunt in concentric circles around the site of the original find, you can find another shed antler. Other animals do carry these items off into their dens, to chew on and get the minerals from them. There is nothing like finding an antler, and having very little snow on the ground helps in a search for these whitish remnants of a buck. I may go back and hunt for the other antler since it must be somewhere!

 Later in the week, I went back to look for the matching antler to no avail. I did find my way over to the western shore and tried my luck on the sometimes icy trails. I wonder if you recognize this as Spring Beach. The trails in this area are covered by solid ice that seems to flow down to the beach. You may have heard that the beach is so called because of the springs of water in that area. I doubt if too many hikers have visited this area. I climbed up on the white trail and made it safely over to the hill overlooking the harbor. I still haven't sighted deer in a while, and wonder why. Maybe once the antlers are dropped, they take off for other places. I'll still keep up the hunt.....you too should be looking in your woods! 2/16/10 Ronnie, looking for antlers......!