I couldn't resist taking this picture, showing the STRAND LINE on Head Beach! The more you walk these beaches, the more you understand their variances. Sometimes, when there are huge waves, there is very little left in the strand line. It is almost as if the sand is thrown up and buries the shell remnants. Then, once the sea calms down, the beach gets more interesting with all kinds of sea treasures to discover. As you see in the picture, there is a storm brewing in the west, but the beach - even near the high tide mark had interesting stories to tell. I came home with a pocket full of miracles! Off shore I paused to observe bird activity. Loons were diving for food - I timed one hunting underwater for over a minute. There were also White-winged Scoters who also dove, but stayed down about 30 seconds looking for mussels primarily. The cold water doesn't seem to phase their feeding efforts.

In a recent report, I mentioned seeing the lobster boats going out to sea, or returning with their catches. Yesterday, I headed down the campground to see if I could watch the unloading. I was lucky, and here I share the activity on the wharf. It was a very cold day, but these hardy fishermen were up to the task of hauling in lobsters. What a colorful crew! They brought in about three of these bins full to the brim with lobsters. Most were quite large. Below shows one of those bins.

I also walked over the dam where the lobsters are kept in the pound. I could see those confined walking around and eyeing some fish that had been thrown in to feed them. This crazy mild weather we have been having, must confuse these creatures. Usually at this time of year, they are in a comatose state, awaiting warm weather. I couldn't help but wonder if the cost of having to feed them is adding to worry about making a profit on this activity of keeping the lobsters in a pound over the winter. Time will tell, but they did look to be in good condition.

I also stopped enroute to the wharf to admire the work of Roger who was busy cutting and splitting the wood from that gigantic Oak that blew down earlier this winter. Roger is doing quite a clean up job and has several cords of wood ready for use. He is not complaining about there not being snow! That all may change in a few days. There is a forecast for considerable accumulation of snow next week. You will know, since I will be out there...maybe snowshoeing! But in the meantime, the tides will continue to flow in and out, the lobstermen will be pulling their traps and unloading their catches, the seabirds will continue to dive, and Roger will be chopping away........all very Maine happenings!
1/13/07 Ronnie, the Mainiac.