THE DEMISE OF A STATUE........I'll start with this picture that tells a rather sad story. Can you tell what is missing from this picture, something that has been around for a number of years? I often wonder who creates the beach "monuments" that often are made on our shores. Well, the one with the sober face on Sanddune Beach is now gone. I had noticed someone had set a fire in one of the holes, and yesterday I found it in pieces on the ground. I remember this statue and have used it in previous scenic pictures. Now it is gone. I also remember when a gull made a nest at the base of the structure and laid an egg. Campers though it was some sort of a joke, but the egg was real. Needless to say, the gull picked a poor nesting site and deserted the nest as more and more campers came to the beach.

OK, on a happier note. I headed down Joe's Head and checked again where deer had been bedding down under some pine trees. The snow is now unhelpful in indicating where these rest spots is too hard and icy. I did see a trail that led away from this "bedroom", and all along the way there were piles of scat. It was almost as if this was a designated bathroom! From there, the going was not easy with large patches of ice where melting and refreezing had occurred. Mostly, I picked my way using snow patches for traction. I bumped into a couple that were out deciding which site to choose for their August vacation! I was amazed that they hadn't set foot on the campground before, and here they were picking their way over the ice patches. They were getting an unusual glimpse of the shoreline. There was no wind, and the waves were as tiny as I'd ever seen them!

Just to jolt your memory, here is the statue that no longer stands on Sanddune Beach. Its face is barely perceptible, but it had eyes, and puckered lips. Occasionally, someone would tie a bow around its neck. Incidentally, the large decorated timber that rests on Head Beach is still there, though undermined in recent months with sand erosion.

Since I wrote the above, I've had several outings. We've had more snow, then rain, and now more snow. I spotted my first clammers in quite a while. The mudflats are now accessible and not totally frozen. Another bit of news: One of my swimming friends is an underwater photographer. She wants to come and take pictures of one of our snorkeling outings next summer! I can't wait.

2/20/09 Ronnie, not very statuesque.......