Here is a sunset I almost missed while back at the home front. It looks like the skies are on fire, but the trees add a definite dimension. Did you see this where you are? OK, back to the snow we had last week. Actually, now that crystal white blanket has diminished considerable after rain and forty degree temperatures. Now, it is easier to get around. Walking in snow that sometimes is up to your knees is not a picnic. I did walk the beaches, and ventured onto the inner camp roads, but at one point it was so tough that I used my ski pole to write in frustration, "Enough already!" I wonder if anyone else saw and felt that message!

I followed the Island Road which had been plowed to the point where there is a turnoff to sites on the left. A vehicle had driven in, and that made the going on foot easier. From this site, I was able to see Mount Washington on the horizon. You may notice the picnic table is piled high with a snow cake. Further down the road, I decided to follow the deer tracks to see what how they were faring. I'm sure it is not easy for them with this snow depth. Their tracks led to bushes where they sought branches and berries. To be honest, their were times when I followed their tracks just to make the going easier. The picture below shows how these animals seek food, then stomp at the base of food sources. That blush of red is the fruit of Winterberry. This picture was taken near the Lily Pond that is iced over and with enough ice to hold the deer as they forage for food.

On my way back, I had fun watching and waiting for Red Squirrel activity. I saw one at the base of a tree when it saw me and jumped down a snow hole! It came out, and dashed over to another snow cave and never came out again. I had some sunflower seeds in my pocket and threw some around as a come-on. I even picked a few berries to lure him out, but he chose to wait my departure. Incidentally, it is a good idea to carry sunflower seeds since if you spot a Chickadee, you may lure them to eat in your hand with the seeds. If you try this, remember not to look eye to eye with the bird as that may invoke a predator to his activity.

I will close with a puzzle for you. You know I am always looking for animal tracks, so what do you think of this?! You'll have to wait for the next update to get the answer!

I wish I could share all of the pictures I have been taking, but now I have to start all over with puddles and mud replacing the snow. At least the animals will be happier, and they've had a bath (if they are not hiding in holes!)

1/26/09 Ronnie, a snow bunny.