I don't know where the time has gone, but here I am trying to catch up. The Waldorf School students have been on Hermit Island for the past two weeks, nearly 200 seniors in high school, if you can believe it. They are divided into groups for studying the shoreline creatures, first taking inventory, then describing in detail and finally drawing what they see. The weather has been amazingly cooperative for these efforts, though Igor caused high waves and even caught a teacher off guard who landed in the water. As you can see from the picture, these students are outfitted in more clothing than is usually seen at the campground. Nights have been a bit nippy, even dipping down into the upper forty degree range. These students come from as far away as Georgia and Chicago; there are even some Canadians thrown into the mix. Many have never set foot on the Maine shoreline, so it is a very interesting experience for them. By the way, the Kelp Shed is converted into a classroom for these studies!

These September days have also shown signs of Fall as the days shorten and become more brisk. I've had fun scouting out seasonal changes in color and form including these purple leaves on a spring blooming plant, Meadow Rue. The trails are brightened by the red fruits of shrubs, adding to one's delight in color. Even the sunrises have been oh so colorful as seen above.





Fall Fungi are also catching my eye, and I've found a lot of interesting shapes and colors. I will share them in upcoming reports. Until then, have guys and gals! 9/24/10