It has been a quiet week at the campground with school's opening and families sticking closer to home. The days have been sunny and beautiful for those who are able to celebrate the last days of summer. We had probably our last trek to Starfish Cave on Tuesday with some very able climbers and hunters. Our first find was a beautiful Blood Star on our way to the cave. Later, inside the cave, we found a very small relative of that bright red Sea Star. There was only one of the more common Sea Stars since the cave has been pretty much swept clean by recent stormy waves. The rock that had been deposited in the pool out side the cave, has been moved and fractured by storm Danny. Now there are more hiding placed for the animals. The large Anemone is still holding forth in the cave with its tenacious holdfast base. A gull dined on a red Jonah crab, and a camper took the remaining skeletal parts and rearranged the pieces. Off shore, three different colored lobster buoys were tied in a knot, again as a result of the sea's turmoil. The ocean has quieted down, however, and kayaking is again being utilized as a means of exploring the shoreline.

In the picture to the right, look for two Green Crabs, a multitude of Dog Winkles, an open Mussel, two Blood Stars (one on the edge of a snail) and a large Sea Star seeming to cheer us on......"Let's hear it for all this beauty!" Each animal was returned to the cave, hopefully to take up housekeeping.

Snorkeling continues to inspire me. The recent storms have left an interesting assortment of sea creatures not normally found in abundance at this time of year. The water has been kept warm by continued sunny days. Our last outing was to Sanddollar Beach. One fellow kept coming up with Sanddollars that may have been uncovered by the surf. Moonsnails were found closer to shore, and an abundance of large Hermit Crabs in many different abodes. I've also found an abundance of Sea Urchin tests that must have been torn loose and thrown into shallow water.

I've been celebrating the Labor Day weekend by getting back into a swimming routine. As said previously, the water continues to be comfortable if one wears a wet suit. I had another encounter with a giant lobster, but you will have to wait to hear that amazing story because this time I captured the animal! No fooling! I bet you can't wait! 9/6/09 Ronnie, all wet.