SEAWALL AND BEYOND....The highlight of this week has to be our Morse Mountain hike. As most of you know, this hike leads to Seawall Beach which is spectacular in every way. It was a hot day, and most campers plunged into the ocean........and actually stayed to ride the breaking waves! The sun was out and the tide at its lowest. It couldn't have been more perfect. Even the Greenheads were few and far between. I witnessed something new on this outing. A fellow had set up his fishing rod to catch what fish might be swimming in among the waves. At the water's edge, he had dug holes in the sand into which sand worms would swim. As they became visible, he picked them up to use as bait! Very clever, I thought. However, he didn't catch a fish, or at least while I was there. Actually, I understand the fishing has been quite poor so far this summer. Why, I'm not sure. Let's hope it picks up.

After their swims, campers climbed the high shoreline rocks and enjoyed their lunch, as seen here. I walked the beach, finding mostly empty Moon Snail shells and parts of Sanddollars. There were a lot of people out earlier, and I'm sure they were picking up those treasured remnants of spiny animals. I dug up a few worms and found an interesting creature, also leaving a message in the sand. It turned out to be a small isopod that I don't usually see on our walks. They were too small to use as bait, but were sharing the space with worms.

We had another great outing on the Yankee, again finding many seals on East Brown Cow, basking in the sun. We had a wonderful group of kids on the boat which enjoyed the animals I had brought along. One large crab was still soft, having shed its shell a few days before. Moon Snails always attract attention, and one camper kept waiting for it to demonstrate its drilling ability! Unfortunately, that procedure takes longer than our time out on the ocean, but does in fact happen. In the picture to the left you see one camper holding the crab, and below in another pan, look for a Sea Star with only three rays. Again, all of these animals were returned to the sea as we headed back to the harbor while I sang "Goodbye My Lady Love".

Our week ended with a snorkel at Bounty Cove. I had never seen so many snorkeling! The water was relatively warm, though I was one of the few wearing a wet suit. We found lots of Sea Stars, huge Sea Urchins, Hermit Crabs of all sizes and one soft shelled lobster. Moon Snails were hard to find for some reason. The rain came and brought an ending to our outing. We were already wet so it didn't make a lot of difference. Thankfully there was no lightning! All's well that ends well. 7/31/09 Ronnie, very wet.