OUT LIKE A LION....October went out like a howling lion up here in Maine. Rain and high winds raised havoc on the shoreline and caused widespread power outages. The conditions even terminated a swim meet I was attending at Bowdoin! We were without power in Phippsburg from Saturday until Monday. If the weather had been more wintery, we would have suffered further. As it was we lived by candlelight and the warmth of a wood stove. Refrigerated food was worrisome. Rather than stay indoors, I was lured to see the ocean at its most violent. The waves and wind were awesome. I couldn't help but think about the Hermit Crabs rolling around and Sea Stars trying to navigate with useless tube feet. So far, I haven't seen a lot of sea life thrown up on the beach, though some hikers found an arm full of mussels torn from their byssal threaded lodgings. (nice dinner in the making!).

The picture to the left was taken just as the Red Trail opens up near the descent to Starfish Cave. The waves couldn't wait to break on the rocks, but as you see, were spilling out in the middle of the bay. Needless to say, there were no boats out on the water, most lobstermen had sought safe harbors to wait out the storm. But just imagine the number of traps that were being tossed and broken from their buoys! What can survive in these conditions?

Remember swimming and riding the waves on Sanddune beach? How would you like to do the same in this surf? You would need more than Boogie Boards! Out on Joe's Head, the waves were crashing and spraying right over the rocks and vegetation. I could barely stand on my own two feet. My eyes were watering from the high winds.

I drove over toward Popham Beach to view the activity on that big beach. It was an extremely high tide and the water was over the road in those places where there is a marsh on both sides of the road. I had never witnessed such high waters. We even had to wait while a tree was pulled to one side to allow cars to proceed. This was during heavy rain and pictures were impossible to take. We back tracked to the relative safety of our home to wait out the storm.

Yes, I know that it is Halloween. I refer you to my 2004 Oct. finale, and the witch link to get you in the mood. As for me, I am dressed up as a storm! 10/31/06 Ronnie