October has arrived with a mix of fog, sun and daytime warmth. It is still camping weather, and yesterday I took another plunge in the ocean at Seawall! You could have fooled me......it felt like August on that big beach. I have to add, I didn't see anyone else in the water, but me. I picked up a bag of small surf clams that had all been drilled by Moon Snails. It seemed every other shell had these neat, beveled holes - the work of the Moon Snail's radula. I now have plenty of "jewels" for necklace making, that is if I can find them next summer. They could also be used for Christmas tree ornaments!

As we walked the big beach, Monarchs flew overhead. Sometimes, I would see their shadows on the sand, before seeing them flying in the clear blue sky. There were also Dragon Flies cruising the shoreline among the butterflies. I still have a half dozen Monarchs in chrysalis form. Let's hope the weather continues to be mild so they can take flight and find nourishment in still blooming flowers. The purple fall Asters are now on center stage among the wildflowers, frequently visited by those orange and black migrating butterflies.

I was out ON the water kayaking yesterday. The wind was such that we figured it wasn't a good idea to make it over to the Hermit Island shore, but we did check the coves over at West Point, chasing flocks of Eiders and a few Loons. The former took off with much splashing, while the latter just dove for cover. Meanwhile, a Kingfisher dove for food, squawking as he flew. While this bird activity was going on, I did a scraping job on our mooring. If you don't take care of those floats, they will sink out of sight with a heavy growth of barnacles, mussels, seaweeds and other marine organisms. The water felt unusually warm for this time of year. Many lobstermen are hauling their traps and calling it a day for this season. Others are moving their traps out to deeper water. Sailboats are hauled for winter storage, but kayaks are still out on the water!

Well, I finally have a new camera to play with. You will be a witness to how fast I master this new toy. I will start with a picture of our new house project. We are building a new garage that is attracting a lot of attention. It has a heavy post and beam frame, and now has the rafters in place. I went into the woods and cut a small Spruce tree to adorn the peak. That is considered a good luck charm for the building. I hope it also provides safety for the workers as they heave the heavy beams into place. I also have had fun building people made from the chunks of wood left from the fitting. You can see one of these wooden characters standing by the barn door.

I have lots of other pictures to share, so you may see a more rapid rate of reporting. Columbus Day weekend is now history and Christina told me that there was a record number of campers taking advantage of an unusually warm and beautiful weekend. Now the island will go back to the animals. If any of you will be around and interested, there is a bird walk scheduled by Audubon the last weekend in October (10/27/07, 9AM). In the past, these birders have come fully equipped with scopes and a wealth of knowledge about our feathered friends that visit the campground.

10/9/07 Shuttering Ronnie......