Here is the scene on the afternoon of Halloween, 2009. I went over to check things out on a very windy and cloudy afternoon. I met no one in costume, though most people were decked out in orange since the hunting season has now started. I walked over to Sanddune Beach and found an orange lobster buoy at a very low tide. How fitting! I hadn't been over to the campground in a couple of weeks, so I was all eyes. The dune grass has taken on a brown hue, and the Rugosa Rose foliage is now yellow. I spotted my first empty bird nest on a shrub that had lost its foliage. On Sunset Lagoon there was a huge pile of lobster traps, all tangled in a mass. Many lobstermen are now hauling their traps and closing down for the season.

The apple production has been extensive. The winds have blown most of them out of the trees. Some campsites are loaded with the downed fruit. The deer should be happy, as well as the porcupines that enjoy eating apples. Hopefully, the deer will stay on the island where no hunting is allowed. These apples are mostly quite small, so I wasn't tempted to pick some up for sauce or pies.

The sun came out over the weekend, but the wind played havoc with anything blow-able. I dresses myself in orange and went down into Totman Cove to see if the clammers were at work. That area is now open for clamming and sure enough there were several bent over with their clam rakes digging to beat the band. Each also had something orange on to alert the hunters now active in this area. I even detected a blind as I drove down into the cove, probably with someone armed to take down one of those beautiful animals we call deer/dear. Here is a picture I took of one clammer with his traditional clam basket. They also pull "sleds" to carry their diggings back to trucks. Totman Cove is so beautiful in every season.

Now I have to go again to see how beautiful is the Connecticut countryside. Forecasts are for some snow tomorrow, so hope we manage without difficulty. I can't wait to get back to the clammer's world. In peace, Ronnie 11/14/09.