I've been having fun recently in celebrating the New Year by writing the numbers using shells I find on the beach. Here is one example using many Moon Snail shells, an Oyster shell, and two Razor Clam shells. I've been picking up loads of shells these days which some day you may use to make necklaces. These were found on one end of Seawall, but Head Beach has also produced many as well as Totman Cove. Ironically, I went to Popham Beach on Sunday and the beach was basically bare. It was a very low tide and people were out enjoying a mild afternoon, even climbing the exposed rocks to peek at Seguin. It was cloudy, but as I left, this is what all were enjoying as the sun descended. As you can see, there is still snow to contend with, but much has melted. As I've said before, once you climb through the snow to a beach, it is smooth going at low tide. Some kids had even made snow castles and forts at Popham.


This picture of two crabs is deceptive since these were tiny crabs that had dug into the sand when the tide left them exposed to the cold air. As I took out my camera, one bit me so hard that it drew blood! Ouch. These, as you probably know, are Red Rock Crabs. One is female, the other is a male. Can you tell which is which?

On another walk, I picked up all kinds of beach debris. It is hard for me to pass by these gems without taking them home. See how many of these items you can identify. There is even a vertebra from some mammal, not too easy to find. Except for bird tracks, I was the only one to leave footprints in this area.



So you can see, this beach comber is out and about on these new days of 2011. Let's hope it won't be too long before you can join me in the hunt. 1/4/11 Ronnie on the move.........