I am just back from walking to get the Sunday paper. It is a short walk to the Center Store, and it gives me a time to observe what is growing and changing along the narrow Parker Head Road. Today I had a bonus.......a dessert you might say for my breakfast! The strawberries are now ripe. These are the small wild variety.....very tasty and sweet, though some of the seeds still stick in my teeth. I had forgotten seeing them bloom by the side of the road, but their white flowers were numerous this spring. The leading picture was taken at Hermit Island on the north end near Sanddollar Beach. My eyes caught the beauty of these yellow clusters of flowers. They are blooming on Barberry shrubs. They go on to produce beautiful clusters of berries in the fall, that are also eye-catchers.

It's been an interesting week, though wetter than it has been in quite a while. I did some beach searching in preparation for a Land Trust walk on Saturday down in Totman Cove. The tides were extremely low, though it was very foggy for the walk. We found lots of Moon Snails, and even a few Sea Stars and Urchins. Surf and Razor Clams were rather easy to find by detecting their holes or sand disturbances. I had hoped to find live Sanddollars and wasn't disappointed. Here are two hikers admiring such a find! You can see the fog in the background. Note the one went barefoot as we walked through shallow waters, but the water is warming up! We also found a dead Skate, and earlier I found a dead Flounder which was being tasted by a Moon Snail! The Moon Snails are getting romantic because we found the first Sand Collar with attached eggs!

Back in West Point, I was wondering if the Luna Moths were emerging and being attracted to an outside light on our Guest House. All of you who have lights on outside during the night time hours should watch for moths these days. I didn't see a moth alive, but sadly, discovered separated wings lying on the driveway. These moths are preyed upon by birds. They don't eat the thin, scaly wings, but are satisfied to dine on their plump bodies. I couldn't find the matching hind wing, but here are the beautiful green wings I did find. They could easily have been missed, looking like disguised leaves fallen from a tree.

We are in a heat wave here in Phippsburg. It feels like summer with the fans going and sweat pouring off. Butterflies are flying - I see lots of Tiger Swallowtails and my first Monarch! We are taking off again for a final fling down to Connecticut, I know in this heat?! I think it will be in the 90's down there, with no cooling ocean to help survive. I did my first ocean plunge to cool off, but I didn't stay in long. People were flocking to the beaches over the weekend, but I'm not sure how many did any swimming. Talk to you later.........
6/10/08 Ronnie on the move again.