The Moose!

Facts and Info:

The Story of Ronnie’s Moose

After Labor Day in Maine, a moose ran into a car near Small Point. Neither car nor animal (or driver!) were badly injured. (Or so it was thought). However, a week or so later, a friend was canoeing in the harbor and reported seeing a dead moose in a small cove. I hiked through the woods and sure enough, there was a dead moose. I figured it would remain there, subject to natural decaying processes. (Though I was nervous about its safety).

I came back in a week and the moose was gone! I couldn’t believe my eyes! Then, the same friend who had found the moose, scouted around and found it on a small island in the mud flats. I rowed out and found where the carcass had floated and come to rest. I piled rocks on the animal (partially submerged) to keep it from going anywhere. Weekly, I would row out and gather bones as they were cleaned by the sea animals and birds, and the rising and lowering of the saltwater. It must have taken me 4 trips to finally complete the job.

I hanged the bones in the sun to bleach, and also used a bath of diluted bleach to cleanse them. I also had to make sure they were weighted down since I didn’t want any dogs or other animals hauling them away. I think that I have an almost complete skeleton. There is an uneven number of ribs, so I may have missed one. I have a lot of very small bones that will be hard to arrange. But for the most part, the animal’s skeleton is just amazing. What do you think? J


Ronnie K., 4/18/00