Days dwindling down to a precious few...The December days are dwindling down to a precious few, especially as you approach the holiday season. We have been lucky so far to have clear skies and somewhat moderate temperatures making outings comfortable. The seas have calmed down but left a lot of what I call Wood Pulp and Grindings......fine particles of wood that wash in on beaches and aren't fun to swim in. It's good for the garden, so I have been bagging it up to enrich my plantings. In the picture, you see where the waves have folded this plant matter into unusual forms. Totman Cove is just loaded with the stuff.

I did find an unusual bird in Totman Cove that has bird enthusiasts excited. It was even included in the Crhistmas Bird Count this past weekend. I had never seen a Dovekie before, but knew it was something different than usually seen on the shore. It is largely a pelagic bird seen flying and diving. Up close, I admired its webbed toes, and I read that it uses its wings in swimming under water. Unfortunately, this bird had succumbed to high seas and washed onto shore. It had an opening in its chest where some other animal may have taken a bite, probably another bird.

The Bath YMCA had its usual Festival of Trees recently, and I had a chance to see all the beautiful trees that were decorated and bid upon. The theme was a blue Christmas and many of the trees were glowing in that color. I liked the trees decorated with shells and other sealife, but didn't approve when shells from down south were utilized, or Sea Stars were used as ornaments. On this tree, there were Sanddollars strung together with ribbons.

Since I wrote the above, we have more snow on the ground which came at rush hour and created all kinds of delays. It didn't last too long, and we may be getting more today. We may still get a white Christmas that lasts and isn't just a fleeting experience. I'm anxious to do more tracking!

I wish all of you a safe and joyous holiday. 12/21/10 Ronnie