As we turn to a new page in the calendar, these animals have been the subject of my attention in recent weeks and months. I am working on a new book having to do with spiders and snakes. Why did I pick these animals? Not too many people like them, and I am hoping to foster some admiration if not affection for these animals. Maybe you have a story about them you would like to share, even though the book is almost a done deal.

I didn't expect to be in Maine during March, but here I am. Out house projects are winding down, but we still feel the need to stay a while longer. Meanwhile my Connecticut nature lovers are asking when are you coming back? I will let you know when I know. I celebrated the new month by making this sign on the beach. I wonder if you can identify all the items used in the letters? Probably the hardest would be those used in the R, and that is an exclamation point at the end.

On calm days, I see the lobstermen heading out to sea. There are an intrepid few. Can you identify the islands in this picture? Most have some snow cover, to make them all look like "White Bull". We are expecting March to come in like a lion. I will try to get out and show you what that means in the days ahead.

Later: My wanderings took me down Island Road to check the north end. I had an interesting exchange in the boat house with Rob Stevens, of Viking Ship fame. Now, where that replica was built, a replacement for the boat that is the operational center in the lobster pound is being constructed. It will be christened the "David Sewall" and may also be used for campground functions. In the picture, you see this new boat and Rob and Chris in the background. Yes, it is a flat bottomed creation, but designed with its use in mind.

The three of us, took a short walk to explore several rock foundations in the area. Each has a history that is not documented, though Chris is trying to research these relicts. Of course, there is the additional foundation where the Hermit lived overlooking the harbor. The herd of deer is hanging out there now. I would have climbed that hill, but I lack the hooves of those animals. We still have an inordinate amount of ice and snow which is being added to as I write. Yes, March is coming in like a lion, and I'm not lying!

The items in the MARCH sign are Blue Mussel shells, Green Crab carapaces, several bones, including a small pelvis, white stones, white shell remnants, and a piece of driftwood and urchin exclamation point!

3/2/07 Ronnie, marching in and on...........