JUNE HAPPENINGS!Things are beautiful up here in Maine as June days slip through our fingers. I can't help but want to slow things down so I don't miss a trick. The Rugosa Roses are now in full bloom and providing good color on the shoreline. They are also inviting animal activity. In this picture, you see where a bee has stopped to pick up some pollen, only to be attacked by what is known as a Crab Spider. The spider usually comes in a color to match the flower, though I only see pink stripes on this white one. They hold their legs in a spider-like position which has given them their name. They also hide and jump out to attack prey.

I continue to watch the development of the Toad tadpoles in hopes of seeing them develop for life on land. The ones I've been watching, now have hind legs and look quite fat, so these changes are imminent. These tadpoles tadpoles are the ones from that precarious pool on the edge of the rocks at Joe's Head!

I've also been hovering over my Cecropia Moths as they mate and lay eggs. Now I am waiting for the eggs to hatch, and will have a big time job of seeing them well fed with the leaves of their choice. These moths are among the largest if not the largest of our native moths. They are amazing in design, and have a very furry coating to their bodies. Here is a picture showing the coloration and texture of their bodies. Its large, feathering antennae indicate it is a male. Actually, it is going after a female. The spotted abdomen of the female is on the left, filled with eggs waiting to be fertilized by the male.

I keep checking the buildings at the campground for the arrival/appearance of Luna Moths. I found one male that was trapped behind the screen in the women's bathroom! I will check again to look for a female. These insects are attracted to the lights left on overnight. You may also attract moths by leaving the outdoor lights on at your house. Remember last year when a camper set up a white sheet and beamed a light on it to attract these nighttime flyers? That's another idea to try. Meanwhile, I am off for a beach walk. 6/20/11 Ronnie on the move.