July 4th has come and gone, but provided some vivid memories. After much too much rain, the sun came out on Saturday and everyone flocked to the beaches. No one paid attention to the thickening clouds that eventually produced more rain and sent these sun bathers scampering. We did have time to make some memorable sand sculptures including such things as balls and bats, a lobster, an owl, shells, sea stars and even some of those popular gum shoes. A volleyball game was played, but most people just sat absorbing the rare glimpse of the sun. That all changed as thunder and lightning signaled a shift in the weather. Below you see some campers heading for cover. This shot was taken of Lee Side Way which has caught and held recent precipitation. Campers are dealing with the wetness and seemed amazingly cheerful. Iris Downs is always catching and holding the rain, but campers with sites in that area just set up their tents in the surrounding roadways. It is a very unusual scene, but it works!

The changeable weather hasn't affected the migration of Monarch butterflies. They are now being seen here in Maine just in time for the Milkweed to be blossoming. I saw one yesterday laying eggs on a Milkweed plant, and another flying over the marshes behind Head Beach. Another exciting insect happening was the hatching of the Cecropia Moth eggs! These were laid while I had a female in captivity for a short while. The tiny little caterpillars are now eating the leaves of Cherry and Maple that I have provided them. As they grow, I will share their developing maturity. They will feed and grow for most of the summer before building their overwintering cocoons. I also found half a wing from a Cecropia Moth on the ground near the Kelp Shed. Birds are predators on these large moths. However, the moths don't live too long and hopefully lots of eggs have been laid to assure their survival. I also hear reports of Luna Moths being sighted.

Tall Ships are finding their way up the Kennebec River to be viewed at the Maritime Museum. This is only part of the holiday celebration in Bath including parades and circus activities. On the shoreline, people are flocking to the beaches. I've even seen swimmers stay in the water for longer periods of time than is usual. This has been a holiday to remember! 7/7/09 Ronnie in a celebratory mood!