Hello good friends! This will be my last link, and comes as a Holiday Greeting! I know that frogs are not usually on Christmas cards, but I just wanted you to know that I didn't frog-et you! You know Ronnie..the frog hunting naturalist and struggling sketcher.

The next picture will greet the new year with crab claws and seaweed. Here you have it!






Most of you know that I spend the rest of the winter in Connecticut. This year is no different. It means an end to new developments on this web site, though it will remain static (hopefully). I will pick up the Earthlink connection from here on, with a different email (allwett@earthlink.net) and a new web site address (www.earthlink.net/~allwett).At that time, I will write about the marvels of nature and changing seasons in that neck of the woods. May peace be with you, Ronnie 12/11/05