February Wanderings............We thought we were going to get some significant snow on Friday, but the precipitation bordered on rain and left an icy crust. The wind kicked in to provide some shoreline excitement, but also to lessen the comfort level. Every time I'd see a picture I wanted to take, my gloves came off and the hands froze. It was also tricky going over ice patches. I think you will recognize where the picture was taken to the left.

I circled around to Sunset Lagoon where the wind was even stronger. I couldn't resist picking up a long purple buoy which I used as a staff to gain balance on the way back. I walked over to check the beaver activity. This time, I walked out on the ice to touch bases with his lodge! There was an iced over area that looked thin on the east side, but I almost climbed up on top to listen to any activity inside. There had been tracks on the ice, so some other critters may have also tried to gain entrance, but unfortunately the rain had altered the tracks into unidentifiability. (is that a word?). I have always wanted to see steam coming out of the vents in the top of these lodges, but this was not the day. I feel positive, there was activity inside however. I wonder if there is a pregnant female?

Later in the week, I drove down Island Road, hoping to catch them diving for lobsters in the pound. Unfortunately, I missed that activity by a few hours, but did stop again to chat and admire the handiwork of Roger. Here you see this master splitter! Look at those piles of wood he has done with only his muscles and superb technique. In the background, you see the stump and all the sawdust resulting from his work. Someone stopped by recently and asked Roger, "Where is your splitter?" Roger replied without hesitation, "You're looking at him!"

The ice continues to be a factor on these February wanderings. I wonder if you can recognize where the picture on the right was taken. I was on the Alliquippa landing. This is where a number of lobster boats anchor at the mouth of the harbor, but look - no boats! They have moved to less icy areas. In the picture, we are looking over to Hermit Island where we sometimes go to dig for Razor Clams. The island on the left I've always called Artist's Island. But look at those floating ice chunks in the foreground and in the background! This is only going to increase with temperatures continuing in the single digits at night. On my next report, I will show you the activity in the lobster pound where ice is also a factor as those crustaceans are now being dived for and packed up for the market.
2/8/07 Icy Ronnie