DECEMBER OUTINGS.....This is the time of year when you can enjoy sunsets before missing out on dinner preparations. Remember when the sun set at 8:30PM? Now it is setting at 4PM! I love to watch as the clouds change color and that big ball of a sun drops out of sight into another part of the world. The glow doesn't go out as it descends into the ocean! This picture was taken on Joe's Head. The wind had started to blow, and I was seeking protection backed up against that huge rock in one of the outermost campsites. It was quite chilly, and next time I'll take a warmer jacket for the wait. By the way, that is snow in the picture below, and not foam from crashing waves!

I was inspired earlier to make this face to announce the presence of our first snow. Actually, this was two days after that first fall, and I had to hunt for a suitable place on Head Beach. The rose hips for eyes helped in facial details, and I just happened to find a suitable hat. I'm sure you recognize the Mussel nose and the edge of a clam shell for a smile! I think a new hairdo is in order.

I keep hunting for porcupine tracks to no avail. They don't seem to be hunkering down in their usual places, like under the latrines. I need more snow to do further detective work. I haven't seen a deer or detected one of their beds, but there are plenty of tracks. Looks like quite a few escaped the hunting season. I do find rodent tracks, tunneling and hopping across trails. Several reports of fox sightings have hit my ears, but not my eyes.

We had another terrific storm on Wednesday, Dec. 9th with first snow, then rain and high winds. The wind continued into the next day, but as you can see from the picture, the snow is hard to find. There is nothing green in this picture, all the dune grass is now brown and blowing in the breeze. The sun was in the process of setting as I took this picture. I first stopped on Joe's Head and the surf spray made it impossible to take a picture. In fact, I could barely stand in one place since the wind was so fierce. As I crossed Head Beach, the dry sand was in the air and my eyes started to water. These are times when I usually head for the protection of the woods, though who knows if the trees will keel over?

The wind is still blowing as I write, and the temperature is dipping well below freezing. Any snow remaining will be hard as a rock, and ice will be something to deal with. It won't keep me from venturing out. Bring on the cleats! 12/11/09 Ronnie, bundled up.