Here you have another shot of that Christmas colored buoy, but this time to help deliver a message of joy. I was able to capture the scene before the snow disappeared a few days ago. I even had to prop up the picnic table using some fireplace rocks. The scene in the background should be familiar to you, with a peek at one of our favorite beaches. On a clear day, you could see Mt. Washington from this site, especially if it is peaked with snow.

This year for our Christmas card design I used a method learned in a Multicultural Art Class. It is a paper cutout used by the Polish people and is called Wycinanki. The message inside was, HAPPY HOLIDAYS FROM THE HEART OF MAINE! I scanned in the Balsam so you wouldn't get the idea this was an early Valentine!

Yes, we are still in Maine and enjoying the prospect of being in this special place for the holiday. It doesn't look like we will be having a white Christmas here, but I will close with a picture taken from another snowy day in contrast, last week a friend saw a Green Frog hopping along side the Lily Pond at Hermit Island. It was warm, but maybe the beaver may have stirred it into activity. That big rodent can be seen regularly cruising in the still unfrozen water.

I wish you all joy and peace. Let us all try to make peace with each other, and the joy will follow.

Happy Holidays,

12/20/06 Joyful Ronnie :-)