Merry Christmas to all!!
What a blessing it has been for the weather to make it possible to get together and celebrate this holiday with a few beautiful hikes thrown in. The ice is still there, and certainly enough snow to make it a white Christmas, but it is fairly easy to get around. There are even places where the snow has melted and you can see green grass! What a difference a week makes!

OK, these Santas......they are carved from wood lobster buoys and always attract my attention. Yes, Santa has been in our area, and I trust in yours. We are so grateful for the wonder of being here in Maine, and being able to share those wonders with family and friends.

Each day before and after Christmas, we have gotten out on various trails to witness sunsets and full moon rises. The temperatures have been more agreeable, and believe it or not, I actually found several Sea Stars, Crabs and plenty of Periwinkles on the shoreline. Why don't they freeze? There have been lots of animal and people tracks; I even thought I might have seen tracks of an Opossum which was a surprise at West Point.

I had an interesting encounter with a very large bird that I thought was a Great Horned Owl. However, when I turned the car around and went back for a second look, it appeared to be a Golden Eagle......a very enormous bird watching to spy some scurrying rodent on the snow below.

Again, walking on the shoreline is possible even with snow and ice. The tide keeps the beaches walkable. We don't find a lot of shells, but the lobstermen lose a lot of traps and buoys at this time of year. Here is the view of Head Beach as the sun had made a departure. I was a bit puzzled by the smoke or steam issuing forth in the distance. I think it was from one of those large stacks in Freeport. On Christmas Day, there were a bunch of hikers on Joe's Head to witness the sunset.

I hope that your holiday and these last days of December, provide you with a warmth and beauty of the great outdoors. I wish you were here to share the trails and discoveries.


12/26/07 A WELL-SEASONED RONNIE........ :-)