Monarchs have emerged! It you look closely, you will see 3 adult Monarchs that emerged from their chrysalises this week. We released them in our garden of Black-Eyed Susans which they took too immediately. The next day it poured rain, but I guess that is something they will have to get used to. On their way to Mexico, they will have to escape many weather hazards, but hopefully no more Katrina's. Incidentally, Liz took a couple of chrysalises on her flight down to Florida this week. They made it through the security checks and high flying in a pressurized cabin. She wrote yesterday that both had successfully emerged and had a head start on their migration.

We did get some high winds and downpours on Wednesday, but nothing out of the ordinary. Campers enjoyed using their boogie boards on the waves at Sanddune Beach. We were able to have all our activities, including a beautiful cruise out on the Yankee. Our route took us up the New Meadows where we saw seals basking in the sun near Cundy's Harbor. John successfully maneuvered around all the many lobster buoys without mishap. The waves were too high for us to go out to East Brown Cow, but the alternative route was ideal.

I continue to find an assortment of caterpillars and spiders to absorb my curiosity. In fact I spent quite some time trying to record the design on the abdomen of a spider we discovered last week on our Morse Mountain climb. I had reached for a Lichen encrusted twig while explaining the intricacies of lichen components, when a beautiful black and white spider stepped out of its lichen camouflage. Here is the design on this tiny spider body. I left one uncolored to emphasize the design. The spider also had a habit of sort of "crouching" and folding its hairy legs close to its body. Mind you, I had to use a magnifying glass to get this detail since the spider was only about 1/2 inch in length (not counting the legs). I have a feeling that the design on its abdomen might be the start of someone's coat of arms! To the bottom left, is another drawing of a spider that I didn't dream up, but actually found. That one would make a nice Halloween mask, don't you think? Maybe these spiders are trying to inspire us to wear more decorative clothes!

Let's see what else has happened this week. My vegetable garden is being consumed by Japanese Beetles, Potato Beetles and now some four legged creature that has chewed off every leaf of my Swiss Chard. My Zucchini is also being bitten into, but the beans...they are a plenty. Come help me pick them! 9/3/05 Chewed up Ronnie