Oooh! Don't these berries make you drool? They are ripe on our shores and worth taking a small pail and bringing some home for those morning pancakes.

Also ripening in our midst are the Gooseberries (seen below), that seem to be having a good year also. These are harder to find. The berries hang down pretty much out of sight, but look in the dune grass behind Sanddune Beach and you may find some. They have a funny cigar looking thing that needs to be removed before eating. Many like these for cooking into pies! How many of you have cooked pies over a campfire?

The weather dictated participation in our nature activities, but we were able to enter Starfish Cave and found the new residents enjoying that site. Sea Stars may eat barnacles, mussels or each other if hungry enough. We shall continue to check to see if these remarkable animals stay among the Anemones and Urchins in the cave on the west side of the island.

Our snorkeling outing produced a myriad of animals including several Moon Snails and one of their sand collars. Hermit Crabs ruled the roost, and several even exited their snail shells to reveal their coiled abdomens. We found lots of Sea Stars, but no where near the numbers we found last week as seen in this pan. It was from this catch that we repopulated Starfish Cave.

I have heard of one Blue Fish being caught, but that is all. Out on the Yankee they are catching Cod, but none have reached the critical 24 inch keeping size. I'm waiting to see a good haul of Stripers. Where are the master fishing Priors?!

Enjoy the heat…..at least the sea temperature is more comfortable. 7/27/07 Sweltering Ronnie

PS That picture on the home page was taken when we were restocking the sea stars in Starfish Cave! Did you guess correctly? :-)