This week I will start with a beetle. It looks as if someone caught the insect and painted this unusual design for visual attraction. It was walking on some fresh new leaves, but not doing any chewing. I couldn't identify it with any of my insect books. Maybe you can help! This is one of the benefits of gets you outside and often results in interesting discoveries. While admiring the beetle, Tree Frogs were calling. I looked high and low for them, but they are hard to find. I think they hear you approaching and go silent. Anyway, this is their season to sing, like most amphibians.

The campground is now open for business. Yesterday, I headed over to see what was going on and only saw one campsite being used. It was cool and somewhat damp after a rainy Sunday. The weekend was busy, however, with 65 BMW motorcyclists in residence. They even had their usual lobster dinner in the Kelp Shed and made tours of the countryside. I love those motorcycles; they are very quiet. You might even have heard a Tree Frog sing over the sound of their engines.

The most notable and numerous flower blooming at the campground is the Strawberry! I can't help but wonder how many campers will find their fruit for the taste of those diminutive berries. The flowers light up edges of roads and campsites in a most charming way. The blueberries are also in bloom, but they will ripen later. I passed by a Spruce tree branch that caught my eye with tiny developing cones.

On the beaches, which were absent of campers, one could find paired gulls including these Laughing Gulls. Their black heads set them apart, plus they are smaller than the Herring Gulls. I wonder if you can detect which beach these birds were residing on, and what campsite could they be considering in the background! One year a gull built a nest and laid an egg on one of our beaches, but I have an idea those nests are on Gooseberry Island or other more remote sites.

5/20/09 Ronnie, with two more national swimming titles to her credit!