It has been one amazing week here in Maine. The sun stayed with us for the most part but finally rain came to put a temporary end to our dust. Everyone's face has the color of being kissed, if not burned by the sun. What made our week so interesting was the full moon's affect on our tides. They were extremely low so that animals normally hidden by tidal waters were left exposed. On Head Beach, Surf Clams were abundant, and we even had some for breakfast since the Red Tide is now off all clams. We used these clams to shape the year as seen here, but the clams would have no part of it. They began to use their muscular feet to dig and alter the arrangement. It was comical.

Later, on Sand Dollar Beach and around the point, we found many long segmented worms and Razor Clams to add to our inventory of sea life. Moonsnails left mounds of sand where they had dug to escape detection from predatory birds. We dug them up, finding one in the process of drilling a hole in a Periwinkle!

Earlier in the week, when the tides were normal in their highs and lows, we took a hike to Sprague Pond which gave us a chance to rub elbows with a myriad number of frogs including Green Frogs, Pickerel Frogs and Spring Peepers. Most of these were found in the moist woods and puddles, not in the Pond itself. We immersed ourselves in the clear pond waters, something I've been wanting to do all summer. I wasn't the only one to take the plunge. It was a fitting and comforting interlude on a hot day after climbing to the pond.

Monarch butterflies are now numerous and give us plenty of opportunities to follow their developing life changes. There are numerous caterpillars chewing their way through our Milkweed patches, and I have about 6 in chrysalis stages. I hope to affix labels on these emerging adults so they may be part of the record of their activity and journey to Mexico. Talk about "amazings", that is one to ponder.

8/12/06 Amazed Ronnie.