I doubt very much if you would recognize these rocks, but they are part of Fox Island that is accessible at low tide from Popham Beach. To be honest, I don't go to that great State Park very much, mainly because it is heavily used by people and the tidal changes can be significant. I picked a quiet day with little wind and no more than a handful of people. I walked out to the island, and FOR THE FIRST TIME IN MY LIFE climbed up to the top! There was snow in places, but I marveled at the rocks which looked as if someone had been playing with them and moving them around. Kids must have fun using those rocks for houses, table and benches. I was just interested in climbing to get the views of Seguin Lighthouse and the expanse of beaches leading westward to Seawall beach. The tides have moved sand and changed the course of the Morse River which flows between these two beaches. Now, however, it is easier and safer to find your way around at low tide, so I was making the most of the opportunity.

When I got to the top of the island, I was able to see out to Seguin Island which was a big treat. Again, these rocks were so interesting to climb on. With all the snow we have been having, out on the shoreline, the rocks when they are exposed to the sun, are free of that white frozen stuff. To think I might someday swim the two miles out to Seguin is an interesting idea!

I enjoyed the outing of climbing and walking on the Popham shoreline and was rewarded with a sunset as I headed for the parking lot. A nice sunset gave me a feeling for how beautiful is this area in all seasons.........summer, fall, winter and springtime.

We continue to have an array of different weathers......snow, rain and whathaveyous. They say that spring is on the way, but here, it is hard to see any signs of that season. However, we are enjoying longer days which is a decided welcoming.

The world seems to be in turmoil, but here in Maine, we have a small measure of peace. All you have to do is get outdoors........sniff the air, feel the breezes, and enjoy the beauty.

2/28/11 Ronnie in a semplance of heaven.