Favorite Dog Treat Recipes

Thanks to the nice people at Dog Fancy, Rodale Press, and the other fine publications who called, interviewed me, and posted links to this site back in the '90s. There weren't very many recipe Web sites — or cookbooks — for dogs back then. They were ahead of the trend. Nowadays there are plenty of resources for canine cuisine, and lots of happy dogs now have all-natural, homemade treats (and even meals). Thanks too to all of the good people who allowed me to reprint their recipes or link to their sites.

Note: Permission is granted to members of all-breed and specialty dog clubs, dog rescues, 4-H groups, and other animal charities (except for animal rights groups) who would like to include these recipes in a fund-raising cookbook. I do appreciate an email so you'll let me know, though. These recipes have appeared in charity cookbooks for various breeds, and those cookbooks have raised funds for 4-Hers and rescues all around the US and even in Portugal... and probably other places as well, but I've lost track since this site went live in 1995.

Permission is specifically NOT granted to individuals pirating these recipes and publishing them on sites such as Listia while representing them as their own work. That goes double for the guy in Portsmouth who thought to publish "Ceasar and Cleo's Treats" while using a few of these recipes and not even changing the Beardie references. Nor could he spell "Caesar" correctly, apparently.

I get a lot of emails from people whose dogs are on special diets, and who would like to make treats that are safe for their dogs to eat. Since everybody's needs are different, one recipe might not work for your dog, and another one might work wonderfully, but please drop me a line if you've made any of these goodies and substituted ingredients to meet your dog's needs. It could help the next would-be doggie chef reading these pages. Thank you!

Disclaimer: I am not a veterinary nutritionist, nor do I play one on TV. I am just a regular everyday cook who likes to make healthy treats for the canine kids in the family.

Tips for Sensitive Dogs

One very useful tip I just received came from someone who made the Liver Brownies using ground-up leftover jasmine rice instead of cornmeal. For dogs with allergies to corn, this should work wonderfully. Since you can also use your dog's regular canned food in place of the liver in this recipe, this might be the first one to try if your dog is on a special diet. Another recipe that works well for dogs sensitive to wheat and corn products (and the rare ones sensitive to beef) is the one for Pumpkin Dog Cookies.

And Now... The Recipes!

Here are some kitchen-tested dog treat recipes that the entire testing staff just couldn't resist.

King Pup

Thanks to Stella the Lab and her kind people over at Dog In Sight Magazine, here are some more recipes for you to enjoy. Reprinted with their kind permission. Dog in Sight is no longer being published, but here are some of the recipes they featured in their print editions:

The following recipes appear with the kind permission of Kirsten Pacyna and Porter, Bella, and Maya the Labs:

More Treats

These recipes appeared in the POC Telegram and other places.

Dog Treat Links

It's difficult to keep up a list of links, since people are changing ISPs all the time, or their ISPs are being bought by other ISPs or... well, you know the whole story. Anyway, these links were fresh the last time I checked. If you do discover a broken one, please drop me a note and let me know, okay?