Meet Famous Seamus!

Seamus (Sheiling Angelic Ties, HIC, RN, RL1, RL1X) joined the Starisles crew on May 15, 2005. Charlie was lonely after Doogie went off to the Bridge, so when this sweet little guy became available as a rehome, we fairly jumped at the chance to bring him home. He has already had training in agility and obedience, and has the first leg of his AHBA HCT in herding. Thanks again to Cathy Perry of Sheiling Kennels for entrusting this sweet, adorable fellow to us.

Seamus is a playful, sociable guy who loves to get silly, but he can also concentrate when it's time to go to work. He loves to wrestle with Dinah and to play tug, but he also enjoys working in obedience, rally, or agility. He has also turned out to be pretty good at K-9 Nosework, so we hope to do a lot of scent work with him.

One of Seamus's more charming habits is that he says "roo" when he gets excited. Charlie has said "roo" on rare occasions, but the last time we had a "roo"-er in the house was when Cadence was still here. Seamus actually has quite the vocabulary, and has managed to teach some of it to us dumb humans. It didn't take us long to catch on to what "squee" means, since he usually starts saying it around two hours before mealtime.

It didn't take long for him to discover the toy box, and he's still digging up toys that no one else has seen since Charlie was a puppy. So far his favorites are the plush toys, especially the six-squeaker and all of the balls (particularly the "sheepskin" one and his new plush "comet" ball with the tail). He can play fetch with those toys for hours before eviscerating them. He brought his favorite tug-of-war toy with him from the Perrys' house, but has also found the other ones that none of the other Beardies paid much attention to. Seamus just discovered all of Doogie's old noisy toys, such as the tugboat and the musical duck. Charlie's going to wish he'd silenced those squeakers completely the first time around.

However, Seamus and Dinah are the real item here. They've been nearly inseparable since the day Dinah came home, stepped out of her crate, and sank her little puppy teeth into Seamus's fur. He has been amazingly tolerant of the little monster, and has even allowed her to use him as a teething toy. Dinah loves to play and race around even more than Seamus does, so he can now have as much play time each day as even he could possibly want.

We've graduated from Advanced Basic Obedience -- twice -- and also took a Novice level obedience class through POC. Seamus earned an AKC RN and APDT RL1 and RL1X titles, and was the #4 Bearded Collie in the country in APDT rally for a time. However, our first attempt at AKC Rally Advanced was such a spectacular bust that people still tell the tale of that day (and don't even try not to laugh).

Birthday: November 2, 2002

Nicknames: Shameless, Famous Seamus, Honeybee, Mr. S, Hoser, Funny Bunny, Bunny Rabbit, See-a-Moose, Rallypup, Rally Roo, Buddha, Butterhead, Bubb-O, Moosie

Favorite Game: WWooF Wrestling with Dinah!

Favorite Toy: Dinah!

Biggest Weakness: He just can't get enough of Dad. He follows him around and kisses him all day long.

Seamus's sister Kyla has a Web page too!