Rally Obedience

Photo by John Woolley Photography.

Rally obedience, or rally-o, is catching on as a fun way to work with your dog. It combines the obstacle-course navigation of agility with obedience exercises. Seamus LOOOOVES rally class. When he's excited, Seamus (AKC RN, APDT RL1 and RL1X) says "Rooooooo" — so when I mention "Rally-rooo" to him, he's always ready and waiting at the door. Dinah is in Staci Stanley's rally class with POC, and is doing pretty well as a rally-roo dog herself (AKC RN and RA, APDT RL1 with an Award of Excellence, plus RL1X and RL2). Badger hasn't tried it yet, but he ought to make a fine rally-roo dog as well.


Here are some rally-o links to help you get started:

Photo by Jerry Bergen.

Are You Ready to Rally?

Here are some places in Maine and NH that offer rally classes: