It's Dinah Moe Burfitt and She's Dinah-mite!

Dinah (Am/Can CH Breaksea November Storm HIC CGC RL1(AOE) RA RL1X RL2) joined us from across the pond on January 17, 2005. She's the very first grrrrl to have become part of the Starisles crew, after seven boys in a row. She's also my first show dog. (Our blog, Dog Show Newbie, chronicles our adventures in beauty-pageant-land.) Thanks to Gill and Alan Burfitt of Breaksea Bearded Collies for letting us bring home this little Dinah-mo!

She'll play with Charlie and hangs out with Badger, but Seamus is her special chew toy. The two of the romp, wrestle, bounce, wiggle, and dash their way around the house and yard together, and share a love of destroying soft toys. You can always tell when they've been playing tug-of-war with a stuffed toy because the stuffing flies everywhere, and the living room ends up looking as though it snowed indoors.

Now that her uncle Badger Burfitt lives with us, she has even more fun! She has already established her reputation as a first-degree flirt, and just loves to tease the boys (especially her sweetheart Traveler). First, she gives a little ear-sniff. Next, she starts to dance. After that, she's airborne.

Dinah and Traveler

Dinah's litter sister Buffy lives with the Jezkova family of Glen Albyn Bearded Collies. Jana Jr. put up a hysterical warning about Beardie puppies on the Breaksea Web site: This could happen to you — and it is happening to us! Dinah also has her own page up on the Breaksea site.

Among Dinah's other show highlights are winning Best Puppy in Specialty Show at the Bearded Collie Club of Canada's 2006 National Specialty, and then coming back two years later to take Winners Bitch in 2008. (Winners Dog/BOW was Seamus's litter brother Conor!) Dinah has three Best of Breeds, the first of which she received at the age of 8 months.

She finished her AKC Championship on 11/22/2008 at the South Windsor KC Show. She ended up accumulating 25 points total before getting that last major — but she's done! She finished her CKC Championship on July 24, 2010.

As a special, she has gone Best Opposite in most of her shows so far, including Best Opposite at the first-ever New England Regional Specialty and again at the second New England Regional. She currently has 10 GRCH points.

In 2008, she was ranked #6 of the Top 10 Bearded Collies in Canada, as reported in Dogs In Canada (January - March 2009).

In UKC showing, Dinah has 85 points, a Group 3, and a major.

Dinah passed the herding instinct test at the 2006 BCCA National Specialty, and now has her very first herding title (HIC). Not that we had the slightest doubt that she would. She's doing such a fine job bossing the boys around at home that she seemed to be a natural for the job of bossing sheep around!

Not only does Dinah herd sheep, but she has just discovered that she can herd ducks as well. We don't get many opportunities to trial on ducks in this area, but we really like working them! Dinah also has a page on Gerlinde Krachler's Working Beardies Web site (Austria).

Dinah earned her Canine Good Citizen title at the POC fun match in June 2007. She's a regular at POC rally and Novice-level obedience classes. She has a Rally Level 1 (RL1/AOE) title, a Rally Level 1 championship (RL1X) title, and an RL2 in APDT Rally, and has her AKC Rally Advanced title with one leg in Rally Excellent. She also has one leg in UKC Rally Level 1 (URO1).

Birthday: November 3, 2005

Nicknames: Dinah-mo, Dinah-mite, Dinah Moe Burfitt, Puppy Princess, Me Too, Whatcha Doin', Riot Grrrrl, Princess Pigpen, Dinah-Moo, Busy, Miss Busy, Bizzalicious, Miss Perfect, Moe-licious, Bitchette, Herself

Favorite Game: Any that involve Seamus or any boy Beardie, especially running and wrestling.

Favorite Toy: Seamus.

Biggest Weakness: Seamus's hair, especially any on his ears, neck, or beard. The tail will do in a pinch when it's the closest yank-able object in range.

Theme Song: "Don'tcha wish your puppies were pretty like meeeee?"

Guess Why We Call Her Dinah Moe

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