We Will Always Remember: Our Beardies at
the Rainbow Bridge

"If there are no dogs in Heaven,
then when I die I want to go where they went."
— Will Rogers

Duncan, 1989-2003

Cadence, 1987-1997

Merlin, 1989-1991

Doogie, 1989-2005

Briscoe, 2001-2003

Charlie, 1997-2012

Badger, 2002-2015

It's a comfort to us dog lovers to be able to visualize an afterlife for our beloved dogs, and the idea of their crossing a Rainbow Bridge helps just a little, as we can imagine them reuniting with other dogs, people, and animals who have already gone before them. None of us is going to know whether this place (or any others) actually exist until it's our turn to go... but at least in the meantime, we can be comforted. Duncan adored Cadence, and I like to think that the two of them are sharing chewies with Buster and Duke, my brother's Boxers. As for Doogie, it wouldn't be heaven for him without trashcans to knock over, counters to surf, and frogs to hunt. Charlie had a long line of friends and siblings waiting for him, and I'm sure he is swimming, wading, digging, or rolling in smelly things to his old brown heart's content.

The BCCC has a nicely formatted copy of the original Rainbow Bridge piece on their Web site.