At the Rainbow Bridge:Badger Blue Burfitt

Badger (Breaksea Revolution HIC) joined the Starisles household on March 3, 2009. He was Dinah's uncle, and he also came from Alan and Gill Burfitt of Breaksea Bearded Collies in Wales. He and Dinah's sire Danny are half-brothers; they have the same mother and different fathers.

Badger came to us when his previous owner passed away. I drove down to Virginia, stayed a couple of days to bond with him and wait out a snowstorm, and then drove north with him. Badge was as good a traveler as Dinah is; he slept most of the way home, and sat up occasionally to observe the surroundings.

Dinah and Badger Bearded Collies Maine Breaksea

Except for sweet old Cadence, Badger was arguably the most laid-back Beardie I've ever met. He was sweet, handsome, and (almost) everybody loved him. He fit into the pack here as though he had always been here. He was a Velcro dog, and is usually to be found either touching me or not very far away. Dinah is also a Velcro dog, so now I have one for each side.

Badger earned his Herding Instinct Certificate at the 2011 BCCA National Specialty herding event. He placed in his Veterans class at the 2010 BCCC National Specialty, and has done some limited showing in the States, including winning his class at the Garden State Regional.

Badger and I did K-9 Nosework together. He passed his Anise ORT, and he had a great time at the sniff-throughs.

On Jauary 26, 2015, Badger took charge and chose his own moment to slip away from us. He remained master of his own destiny until the end.

Birthday: January 8, 2002

Nicknames: Bluey, Badge, Badgie, Beeman, The B-Man, Baloo, Blue Man, Bluey, Mr. Blue, B, Mr. B, Badge-o-licious, Badgeroo, Hodge Podge (courtesy of Amy Rowell), Budger

Favorite Toy: A nice raw beef bone will do.

Theme Song: The Badger Burfitt Chorus (just like the "Hallelujah Chorus" except for the words), "Blue Guy's smilin' at me..." or "Badgerman, Badgerman, Does whatever a Badgerman does..."

Badger's Kids

Badger's page on the Breaksea Web site shows his pedigree and some show photos and judges' comments from the Old Country. You can also see some of Badger's kids there. He has produced (with their moms' help!) puppies in all four colors.

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