Social Beardies

Sharon Prassa, Amos, Annie, and I, enjoying the 1997 National Specialty in California.
(photo by Lynne Corn)

*Note the BAD T-shirt. You must have one of these!

Beardie Social Networks

The social networking phenomenon has hit the Bearded Collie online community, as it has hit all online communities. Now people can communicate with fellow Beardie owners in more immediate ways, and not just while tethered to the computer! Beardie owners can swap photos, comment on one another's writings, invite people to events... you name it!

There are multiple groups devoted to Beardies on Facebook — at least 6 or 7 in English and 1 in French, at last count. Of course, you need a Facebook account to take part in the fun — but you'd be surprised how many of your Beardie buddies are already there. Come join the fun!

There is also a Bearded Collie Social Network on Ning.com. Many of the members are European, but there are members from around the world swapping pictures, posting blogs, and socializing.

Email Discussion Lists

Joining the BeardieList, or any of the other lists on Yahoo!

BeardieList (formerly BDL, and still called that by us old-timers), BeardieAgility, beardie-fun, beardieherd-l, and other Beardie-related email lists (including ones in French, German, and Swedish!) are located at http://groups.yahoo.com. You can search on "beardie" and "bearded" and join the lists that come up in your search. You can also join these lists by just sending a 'subscribe" message, but you really should set up your profile in Yahoo. Otherwise, you won't be able to use the "digest" and "no mail" options.

Joining BCL

BCL has a little less volume and some more free-wheeling discussions than BDL.

To join BCL, send mail to:


Leave your Subject: line blank (or enter a period if your mailer doesn't accept blank Subject: lines).

In the body of the message, put:



I would be remiss if I didn't also mention the Yahoo mailing list for the Bearded Collie Club of Maine, the BeardieMainiacs Yahoo group. Val Maloney and I are moderators of this list, and I'm the listowner.

BOW (Beardies of the World)

Some members of the BDL list and friends have joined in the worldwide Beardie charity project called BOW (Beardies of the World). Monies raised from sales of the Calendar will benefit Beardie rescue efforts all over the world, as well as helping fund other worthwhile Beardie-related causes such as BONE and BeaCon. The BOW Calendar home page contains all the information you need to join in the fun.


Glenn Short maintains the B-BOP home page. It's a must-see! Glenn keeps up the list of links to other BDL members' home pages.