Kara Mia is the first book to tell the dramatic tale of long QT syndrome - an insidious cause of sudden death in seemingly healthy children and young adults. Authoritatively written by Kara's mother, an operating room nurse, and Kara's physician, a pediatric neurologist, the book tells Kara's story from cardiac arrest on the high school track through her ongoing rehabilitation now nine years later...

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The cover's quilt symbolizes
the many facets of the story

Kara Mia: 
the story of sudden loss and slow recovery in a teenager with Long QT syndrome
Maryann Anglim & Walter Allan, M.D.

Seahorse Press 
Bath, ME 04530
published in 1997

softcover, over 200 pages,
17 b&w photos 
with glossary and bibliography
ISBN 0-9656501-0-3

"This is a stunning account of a partnership between a family, a physician and their medical/social communities in their journey to unravel a genetic mystery and its impact on them all." 

Dale Halsey-Lea, R.N., Senior Genetic Counselor, Foundation for Blood Research, Scarborough, Maine

"...an authentic rendering of the thoughts, emotions and actions of a courageous mother in a crisis..." 

Mary Ann McDermont, R.N. Ed.D. Professor, Niehoff School of Nursing, Loyola University of Chicago 

"This book has important messages on several different levels. For a nonmedical audience, it provides an extraordinarily detailed and personal account of a teenage girl's gradual, and unfortunately, still incomplete, recovery from a severe brain injury. For physicians it shows a side of rehabilitation that is hidden form them - what happens when the respirator, intravenous tubing, and even the wheelchair are no longer needed and a patient returns to family and friends with neurological problems that just don't disappear. For all of us, it reinforces the vulnerability of our most human traits to a single mutation in the genetic code." 

Steven Rothman, M.D., Stein Professor of Developmental Neurology, Washington University; Neurologist-in-Chief, St. Louis Children's Hospital

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  In "Kara Mia Online" a fully revised and updated edition is now available. This eBook is published as Adobe PDF files with the look of the original book. It can be donwloaded at no charge.  We ask that you make a donation to the SADS Foundation if Kara Mia inspires you. Follow the link below for details.

  In "About long QT syndrome" read the latest facts about long QT - with links to Dr. Allan's papers about the difficulties of making the diagnosis despite the DNA discoveries.

In "About the authors" read how Maryann came to write her book.

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