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Computer Systems Planning and Design

  • Install and maintain your computer networks

  • Provide an independent assessment of systems plans and designs

  • Install software updates and patches for your computers and servers and manage your networks remotely

  • Configure switches, hubs, firewalls, scanners, printers...

  • Supplement your technical expertise


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Technology Shopping

Confused by the variety of hardware available today?

Not sure how much equipment you need to get the job done?

Don't know where to buy?

Don't know what you want for software?


Let us shop for you !

Implementation Management and Support

  • Manage your data center

  • Be your IT department

  • Craft a disaster recovery plan

  • Make sure your data is backed up

  • Help you to fight viruses, worms, spyware....

  • Help with special short-term projects

  • Business system support for QuickBooks, etc.


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Shoulder-to-shoulder customized training on your machine to make you more productive.

We offer instruction in a variety of software packages on the PC and Macintosh platforms.

(Our current course offerings are listed here.)

Web Site Design


Develop a web presence to get started on selling your product or service over the Internet.
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