Welcome To Carlson's Farm

Box 444, River Road
Route 128
Dresden, Maine 04342
(207) 737-2527


Farming has been in the Carlson family for over 150 years. Our ancestors farmed in Sweden before coming to America in the late 1800's. They cleared the land for planting and settled in the Stockholm - New Sweden area of northern Maine.

Our family moved to southern Maine in the late 1950's to be closer to markets. We farmed over 125 acres of land in the Bowdoinham, Richmond, Dresden and Woolwich area. Our only crop at that time was potatoes. A lot of the land had never been farmed and it took a couple of years just to get it ready for planting.

Changing with the times to meet our customers' needs

70's we expanded to sweet corn

80's we added pumpkins, summer and winter squash, tomatoes, cukes, carrots, onions, beans, beets, and garlic

90's we started growing dried flowers and set up a small greenhouse to start some early seeds

Now a days, we are both in our 70's and we have leveled off to about 25 acres
in vegetables and we have started Mom's Homemade Crafts.

Our produce is only sold at the farm so if you are in the area
please feel free to stop by and visit!

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