New additions added 09/16/01:

Atomic Learning Library--Final Cut Pro tutorial--a whole series of tutorials here
Adobe Premier Tutorials--another site for all sorts of tutorials
Adobe Premiere Tutorials--this time direct from Adobe
Videography Basics Online Textbook--from Kent State
Final Cut Pro Tutorials--this site is a terrific source for all kinds of tutorials on all kinds of things.
Video Production Resources Technology Education--from Camas High School
Educator's Resources TV News--from The TV Rundown
TV of links for the writers among us
Western Pennsylvania Television and Video Teachers' Consortium---a ton of valuable links here

And the previous links:

Sweeps 2000--"an instructional plan for television and multimedia designed for teachers and students in grades 9 to 12.
WebAssistant--for teachers and students, including a new textbook preview from books, to columns, to links for television production in schools sponsored by authors Keith Kyker and Chris Curchy
Edwin Howard Reitan's web site for the history of early color television
The Museum of Television and Radio
Montre*al CAM - Plan
Adobe Customer Service - Downloadable Files
Videonics Video Editing Resource Page
Videomaker Magazine Index
Index of /systems/mac/amug/files/quicktime
FINEcut - Useful Links
DT Top 30 Links
The Film Editing Home Page
TV:CM+A Chapter 6 Outline
Electronics Reference
Rane Professional Audio Reference (A)
Snappy Video Snapshot Specifications
The Macintosh Bible - Multimedia: Video
Directory of /mac/graphics/quicktime
Directory of /mac/powermac
ParkerVision: Frames or No Frames

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