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Testimonial Reflections

The following are thoughts and feelings that past Boothbay Region High School graduates have about their time spent here:

"As I finish my thirteenth year of teaching at BRHS, thoughts of graduating enter my mind. Perhaps I should be leaving with the class of '98. Actually, I did leave BRHS once before, as a graduate in 1976. Now I enjoy spending my days at the high school, working with wonderful colleagues and great students. I am looking forward to many more rewarding years." -Jane Wallace Stevens, Class of '76-

"Being employed at the same school I attended was not necessarily on my itinerary upon graduating in 1981. Little did I know, that the community in which I grew up would provide me with the opportunity to give back some from which I received plenty. My time as a student as well as an employee has been a rewarding experience and a journey that I will continue to follow because BRHS is a great place to be."-Cathy Hodgdon, Class of '81-

"BRHS provided me with a fine education, even way back in the early 70's. Education and making sure kids--mine and others--get the best education possible has always been important to me. Though the road was a bit bumpy in the late 80's at BRHS, the current administration and staff has provided our students with great educational opportunities. I am proud of how the school has improved in the past decade and how our students are going on to some of the most prestigious schools in the country." -Kim Burnham, Class of '89-

"Upon entering the real world "college" I found that my years at BRHS had prepared me for challenges that I never saw coming. I had excellent social skills, a high work ethic and real life knowledge that helped me to succeed and do as well as I have done. My work study at Poole Brothers gave me real life experience in my profession which gave me an edge on other students. Overall the experience was A+." -Tyler Barter, Class of '96-

"This high school offered me more than any other high school ever could. Think about how lucky you all are to be associated with a school whose teachers actually care about the students and at the same time prepare you for whatever you want to do with your life. I quickly realized when I got to college that not many people are lucky enough to go a high school with such a tight-knit community ." -Doug Aley, Class of '97-

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