These pages in the field of social studies are divided into sections including American and world cultures, economics, religions and government. If you don't find what you're looking for in one category, try a related one. There are gaps here and we would certainly appreciate your recommendations for additions! For quick reference go to Rover's Ready References. US History is now in chronological order. (Update 04/04/05)

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OUT OF MANY --Our A.P. history text online link!

9-11-01 Links
Dates in History Links
Primary Resources Links
General Social Studies
World Cultures
Ancient and Medieval Studies and Exploration
North America
American Studies
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We're grateful to many LM_NET members who sent us links for these.

- dMaries Time Capsule/--one of the best...put in the date and year and find out what happened.

Today's Highlights in History--from the New York Times--link at top and bottom of the page to get to any other date you may be interested in.

Any Day in History

Today in History

From the American Memory Collection of the Library of Congress

from the History Channel

AnyDay Today-in History Page from Scope systems

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AMDOCS --Documents for the Study of American History--all the way back to Columbus' journals!

The American Colonist's Library --"A Treasury of Primary Documents" up to 1800

American Memory --a rich informative collection of valuable primary resources from the collection of the Library of Congress!--Don't miss this valuable teaching resource!

American Rhetoric--Top 100 Speeches of the 20th Century

The Authentic History Center--"Primary Sources from American Popular Culture"

The Avalon Project at Yale Law School --major historical documents back to the 12th century and continuing all the way to the incredible resource

Cases and Materials on American Federalism

A Century of Lawmaking for a New Nation--"U.S. Congressional Documents and Debates"--from American Memory

The Constitution Society --Liberty Library of Constitution Classics

Digital Librarian: Electronic Texts and Primary Resources--Huge set of links here.

Full Text Daily News Archives--with Search Engines from the Chico High School Library with many thanks to Peter Milbury for the link!--Awesome set of primary resource documents!

Historical Text Archive--historical info from original sources

Making of America--huge collection of primary resources from University of Michigan from books and journals from the 19th century.

Making of America--companion site to the above primary resource site, this one at Cornell--The two universities partnered in this project.

The Master Works of Western Civilization

National Archives and Records Administration--another great site for primary resources--don't miss the document analysis worksheet here--searchable database.

100 Milestone Documents in American History --from

Powers of Persuasion--Poster Art of World War II--a great unit from the National Archives site.

Primary Source Digital Archives and Collections--another invaluable set of links from Peter Milbury

Repositories of Primary Sources --links to repositories all over the world

A Treasure of Primary Documents --a treasure trove of Early American documents from 500 B.C to 1800.

Using Primary Resources on the Web--a wonderful site with advice for evaluating them, links to using them and other resources!

World War I Document Archive

And a couple of starting points at least for the State of Maine:

Maine Memory Net--a new effort to archive many of the state's primary resources on line.

Maine State Archives-- has the first State of the State speech by then Governor William King. Will reopen July 2nd.

The Attorney General's office-- has links under Publications to the Consumer law guide online, the constitution and the Maine Revised Statutes.

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American Studies Web

An Alphabetical Index to the Library of Congress Website

The Authentic History Center "Primary Sources for American Pop Culture"--created by a high school teacher this comprehensive site features links to audio, images and letters and diaries from ante-bellum through the 20th century

Best of History Web Sites --Links for all periods and topics in U.S. history and if you want the whole gamut of the world, try Best History Sites.

Country Briefings--from The Economist

Country --All the nations of the world here with information on economy, defense, geography, government and people--even the national anthems!

Department of State--International Information Programs --great place to browse for topic ideas

Digital History--huge site from the University of Houston

Economic History Services--all sorts of economic history information linked from this site

18th Century Resources --includes both American and European historical links.

Eyewitness to History --Index to hundreds of eyewitness accounts. Check for your topic!

General 20th Century Resources Covering the Decades --from Peter Milbury and Chico High School

***GlobalEdge >--"Your choice for global business knowledge"

***GOOGLE ---but this way Google/Uncle Sam will search only those documents you can never find that are .mil and .gov--an AWESOME new addition to database searching! Searchable databases.

Guide to American Political Parties

Historical Atlas of the 20th Century

History and Historiography --from the English Server at Carnegie Mellon--a wonderful alphabetical set of links

HISTORY in Song (Table of Contents) --another good resource for searching all of history

How Much Is That Worth?--"Comparing the purchasing power of money in the United States (or colonies) from 1665 to any other year including the present."

A Hypertext on American History --just found this terrific site full of documents, essays and a complete outline of American history...a great site to collect more of those primary resources...all the way from the Netherlands!

WWW Virtual Library of History--Index of Resources for Historians --Now housed in Florence, Italy--over 1700 links here! Click on topics or countries or research to get to the resources.

Internet History Sourcebook Project --From Halsell's great set of History Sourcebooks

The Inflation Calculator --calculates inflation by dollar value for a year from 1800 to 2002

Maine Sites--a fabulous set of links to all that is Maine from Pat Higgins, librarian at Molly Ockett--Click on Features, then Maine sites for the old Molly Ockett links.

Maine Visible Black History --Maine's forthcoming book with links to black history in Maine

Maps to Print--from the US Census Bureau's Quick Facts section

***National Security Archive --great for background information on current and historic topic-- searchable database

Online Map Creation--from Germany, make a map for yourself using a simple input form!

Portals to the World --from the Library of Congress, links to all the basic information on countries of the world.

***Social Science Information Gateway --THE social studies search engine and searchable database!

Social Studies Reference and Tools--from the Busy Teachers Web Site K12

Then and Now --"Compare Prices During the Great Depression to Prices Today"

U. S. Census Bureau State and County QuickFacts

World History Timelines --from --a great history resource as well!

Social Studies Links --a long list of links to all sorts of topics in the field

Timeline of Art History --from the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York--a valuable resource complete through 1600 but added to daily.

20th Century History Resources--from the Internet Public Library

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Ancient History Links

Ancient History--from Oz, links to Rome, Greece, Egypt, myths and more

Ancient Rome --links to all sorts of sites here

Ancient Wonders of the World

Byzantine & Medieval Studies Sites

Internet Medieval Sourcebook --Crusades

Engel's Explorer Links

European Voyages of Exploration - Home Page--15th and 16th century links to exploring countries

The Labyrinth --links to all areas of Medieval Studies

The Middle Ages, Chivalry and Knighthood--includes all links for weaponry, Crusades, Daily Life and a multitude of others

Mr. Donn's Ancient History Page --a very thorough and complete set of links

ORB: The Online Reference Book for Medieval Studies--the online resource for medieval studies

Renaissance Printing and Thinking --from the Annenberg Learning site with lots of information on rebirth and humanism.

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NORTH AMERICA: Its History, Government and Cultural Heritage


American History and American Studies Links --from Yale Library

American Studies Cultural Map--building a digital American Historical Atlas

American Studies Web

United States History Directory--from the Alliance for Lifelong Learning databases created through Stanford, Yale and Oxford Universities

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United States History Directory--from the Alliance for Lifelong Learning databases created through Stanford, Yale and Oxford Universities

U. S. History/Colonial Period--etext of history up to 1904

Thirteen Originals Founding the American Colonies--a multitude of historic links here for each of the colonies, plus maps

Historical Text Archive for the Colonial Period

United States History--from the links of Internet Public Library

From Revolution to Reconstruction

U.S. Census Data 1790-1860--from Harvard's documentation

The West --from PBS a site based on the Ken Burns' series with links, primary resource materials, biographies and other information from the video series.

Wounded Knee

Black History Quest

Civil War Homepage

Underground Railroad Resources

United States Civil War Center

Women and the Civil War --primary resources here

Letters Home from a Soldier in the U.S. Civil War

"I Will Be Heard"--Abolitionism in America--A very thorough look at abolition including many primary resources, from Cornell University Library

Turn-of-the-Century Child: Examine their Faces

A Splendid Little War--Spanish American War links

American Cultural History of the 20th Century

The 1900s--A Century of Sound --decade by decade American lifestyle and headlines and sound from 1900 to 1999

Norman Matloff's Immigration Forum

Anti-Imperialism in the United States, 1898-1935

Trenches on the Web--World War I sites

The Great War Society

Sources in U. S. Women's Labor History

New Deal Network--The Great Depression, the 1930s and the Roosevelt Administration

Riding the Rails--from The American Experience

Then and Now--Prices--Comparison of prices from the Great Depression and today with other links from Michigan

The Holocaust Memorial Museum

Powers of Persuasion--Poster Art of World War II--a great unit from the National Archives site.

Japanese-American Internment--wonderful set of links for websites related to this issue

Japanese American Relocation Digital Archive

Smithsonian's Japanese-American Internment

Remembering Pearl Harbor --from the National Geographic files

Korean Web Weekly--lots of links and information here

Senator Joseph McCarthy

The History of Jim Crow--"Explore the complex African-American experience from the 1870s through the 1950s

African American Mosaic--Library of Congress Resource guide for the Study of Black History & Culture

Voices of the Civil Rights Era--actual audio archives

The Smithsonian Home Page--check here for American History Museum, Museum of the American Indian and other historical information

1960s Flashback--Fun site to look at everything '60s including economics, TV, etc.

The Beat Page -- a fairly comprehensive bibliography of materials on the time period

Vietnam Passage--Journeys from War to Peace--from PBS

Vietnam--links to all kinds of information about Vietnam

Historical Text Archive--links to documents around the world

Desert Storm

Operation Desert Storm

American Cultural History: The Twentieth Century--Decades links from Kingwood College Library

Kosovo: Special Report --special report from the BBC on the crisis as of July, 2002

The 1900s: The Sounds Of The 20th Century--more links to the decades of the 20th century

Dismuke's Virtual Talking Machine--vintage music from the early decades of the 20th Century. You'll need Real Audio, but this site is well worth it.

Iraq (War on Terrorism)--huge set of links to all aspects of the conflict

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Access America for Students--Student Gateway to the U.S. Government with links to government and student government information as well as career information--searchable database.

Ben's Guide to the U. S. Government for Kids --intended for Grades 9-12, this site offers access to a multitude of government information including primary resources, how laws are made, etc., etc.

Class's State Reports --offers state maps, graphics and information

***Diplomacy Monitor --from St. Thomas University School of Law. Searchable means of keeping up with legal issues

Federal Government --searchable database

Federal Resource Locator --searchable database

First Gov --the U. S. government's official web portal--searchable database

GovSpot--searchable database of government information

Government Information Locator Service

Politics1--Guide to State & Congressional Politics --The 50 State Pages

Jurist Legal Intelligence --"Continuously-updated coverage of ongoing legal issues..."

Landmark Supreme Court Cases

Statistical Resources--from the University of Michigan Documents Center

University of Michigan's Government Documents Center--Statistical Resources on the Web

The United Nations Home Page--keyword searchable

WWW Virtual Library--U.S. Government Information Links


Laws Links

LAW/LEGAL INFORMATION RESOURCES --a huge page of links to both legislative and judicial from refdesk.

THOMAS: Legislative Information

A Century of Lawmaking for a New Nation--U.S. Congressional Documents and Debates, 1774-1873 from the Library of Congress' American Memory Collection



The White House

Uncle Sam--Biographical Links to the US Government


Famous Trials

FindLaw's Cases and Codes: Supreme Court Opinions

A Guide to the U.S. Federal Legal System: Web-Based Publicly Accessible Sources-- "This guide is intended to direct legal research through publicly accessible web-based databases." You name it and the research link is probably here!

JURIST's Paper Chase --"Legal news worth thinking about" from the law school at Pitt.

Landmark Supreme Court Cases

LAW/LEGAL INFORMATION RESOURCES --a huge page of links to both legislative and judicial from refdesk.

The Oyez Project --at Northwestern University. A growing U.S. Supreme Court Multimedia Database

The Supreme Court Website

Supreme Court Collection --from the Legal Information Institute at Cornell--current court cases with decisions with links to multiple other authoritative sites

Supreme Court Decisions--1937 to the Present

Supreme Court Historical Society--information on the court history and operations

Selected Historic Decisions of the Supreme Court--from Cornell's Legal Information Site

Supreme Court Decisions --from Cornell's Legal Information Site

Webguide to Supreme Court Research --lots here on how to locate the information you need!

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BUBL LINK / 5:15 Internet Resources: African Americans--a wonderful and complete set of links.

The African-American Mosaic Exhibition (Library of Congress)

African American History Museum

African American Mosaic--comprehensive site for African American history from the Library of Congress

Black History Quest

Asian Links --from Chico High School Library--for other Asian American Links, see links under Asia

Deeper Shade of Black

Gateway to African American History

Multicultural Education Resources

Multicultural Links

The Multicultural Pavilion

Native American Educational Points

Women's Studies

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--check for these links under the business education pages

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Academic Guide to Jewish History

Book of Morman

Hindu History


Islamic Frequently Asked Questions

The Jewish Encyclopedia --searchable database

King James Bible

The Koran

The Vatican Museum

Virtual Religion Index --a nice set of links from Rutgers

World Wide Web Virtual Library--Religion--use the bar at the top to get to links for each of the religions.

World Religions Links --from Gananda School Library

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Canadian history--a series of links
And with thanks from MC in Ottawa--a new batch of terrific links to information about our neighbor to the north!

Canadian Communities Atlas--statistical links plus and interesting school based project with lesson plans, etc.">Canadian Timeline --searchable by decade, subject and text

Canadian Women's Internet Directory

Canadian Studies--A Guide to the Sources (essay with embedded links and webliography at end of more useful links at the end)

Oh Canada!

Teaching and Learning About Canada --links here to rivers, cities, maps, even quizzes

Virtual Museum of Canada --a flashy Flash opening takes time to load but then you can view museum exhibits, create your own and explore various facets of Canadian information.

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Mexican History Directory


African Studies WWW --links from U Penn.

Contemporary African Database --browse by country, category or person in this searchable database

K-12 Guide for African Resources on the Internet

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Asia Source--updates, food, economics, etc.

Japan Information

Asian Studies Links --from the WWW Virtual Library

China News Digest

Pacific Studies -- from the WWW Virtual Library a terrific set of links here for the whole Pacific arena.

Japan-- Stanford University Guide to Japan Information Resources

Japanese Cultural Links--more for children but with interesting information

SARAI-South Asia Resource Access on the Internet


Background on Islam --a series of links from Frontline on PBS to related information

Government Views of Irag--from City College Libraries, a huge collection of links including primary resources

Irag War Debate 2002 --from the University of Michigan Documents Center

Islam, Islamic Studies, Arabic, Religion --from the University of Georgia, a valuable set of links to information and materials.

Islam Empire of Faith --from PBS, site includes the faith, culture, personalities, etc. in connection with the television program

Israeli Palestinian Conflict

U.S. Department of State's Information Update on Iraq

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Australia--the Guide to Australia

The Australia Index

Australia's Goverment

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Russian History Links--from Dennis Boals terrific site for history teachers


The Berlin Wall --a history with pictures

European Renaissance / Reformation --a wonderful huge set of links from Dennis Boals

The European Voyages of Exploration --from the University of Calgary

German Historical Museum--in Berlin

18th Century Cultural Studies --on the English Server

European Renaissance/Reformation

Modern European/Russian History

Western European Primary Historical Documents

The Pestilence Tyme --full text book on medieval life in England

Houses of Parliament

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Cuba--from the University of Texas---huge set of links!

Cuba's Own Web

Latin America Studies Center

Latin American Network Information Center

MayaQuest Learning Adventure

Resources for Teaching about the Americas --includes Latin American links for student research

SIRS Latin World

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Gateway to Antarctica--International Center for Antarctic Information and Research

Live from Antarctica

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HISTORY OF ADVERTISING LINKS ^ Ads archive, greeting cards of automobile, celebrity, audio magazines advertising and more!



Advertising history

History & Museums


Advertising Age - History of TV Advertising

Other Advertising Repositories

EAA - Emergence of Advertising in America: 1850 - 1920

Advertising, marketing, and commercial imagery collections

World War II Poster Collection

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9-11-01/ TERRORISM

The following links will be useful for students attempting to do research on the events of Sept. 11, 2001 or terrorism in historical context:

America Responds to Terrorism

America's War Against Terrorism, 9/11 ---terrific set of links to government documents on all aspects of terrorism, including past incidents, biological warfare, airlines, etc. from the University of Michigan's Document Center.

Research Buzz 911 Coverage

Sept. 11, 2001 Resources from resource journalists use for background information in writing.

9/11 News Tracker

The Avalon Project : September 11, 2001 : Attack on America--primary source material, searchable

Firehouse.Com - The 9-11 Tragedy: Comprehensive News, Photo Interactive Coverage of the Sept. 11 Terrorist Attacks on America

Resources for September 11, 2001 -- Index

The September 11 Digital Archive September 11 Beyond--very complete listing of links from Librarians' Index to the Internet

Teaching 9-11--resources and links and lesson plans from Dickinson College

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