These links provide access to many fields of science with particular emphasis on biology, chemistry and physics since these are our areas of primary curricular emphasis. Additional links to other areas such as astronomy, anthropology, and meteorology are also included. We now have student-created sets of pages on Evolution and Weather and Climate --complete with links to Unit Plan and Lesson materials. In addition there's an AWESOME site created by two of our seniors (2001) on Cat Dissection. It's a bit of a slow load but really well done and worth the wait!(Updated 11/30/06)

Astronomy Biology Botany Chemistry
Meteorology, Earth & Environmental Sciences General Science Oceanography & Marine Biology Physiology and Anatomy
Physics Zoology Scirus--The Science Search Engine Classzone-EarthScience


Expanding Universe --"A classified search tool for amateur astronomy."

Cornell Astronomy List

Griffith Observatory Sky Information

Mars Exploration Rover Mission

NASA's Astronomical Data Center --fully searchable astronomy information

NASA's Science, Space and Technical Pages--Follow the links at the bottom

Nine/Ten Planets--a multimedia tour of the solar system

Space Telescope--from the Space Telescope Science Institute

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In addition to the great biology, marine science and oceanography links listed below, we also suggest that you visit our new Oceanography Links and Biology Links created by the science classes under the direction of instructor Sherrie Hersom.

Access Excellence--for biology teachers to keep in touch with each other from the National Health Museum

Advanced Placement Digital Library in Biology --terrific set of links from Rice University.

American Osteopathic College of Dermatology--Dermatologic Disease Database

Animal Diversity Web

ARKive--Globally Endangered Chapter --includes vertebrates, invertebrates, plants and fungi

Biology--biological resources from the U.S. Geological Survey

Chemical Weapons --from MedlinePlus Health Information and look also at their links under Biodefense and Bioterrorism

Biology Browser--searchable database

The Biology Project --from the University of Arizona, "an interactive online resource for learning biology"--biochemistry, cell biology, developmental biology, human biology, mendelian genetics, immunology, and molecular biology.

Biology Web Links --Science Educator's Home Page--a series of links to megabiology websites

Biomes and Ecosystems--Surf Report

BioNetbook--searchable database of directory of over 7000 web pages for biology

Biotech Biblionet --Now called Biochemlinks--a guide to the best in biology and chemistry-- a multitude of links.

Biozone--huge collection of biology links all the way from New Zealand from Animal Behavior to Student Projects

Cornell Biology List--plenty of links to both vertebrate and invertebrate topics

Developmental Biology--cell cycles, chick embryo, frog embryo--the whole course is here! whole series of online nature guides here.

Genetics Home Reference--searchable database from the National Institute of Health

Life Science Dictionary --searchable from BioTech

Life Sciences Links--from the Alliance for Lifelong Learning

Microbiology Microbe Information and Links--"The Microbiology Information Portal"

Molecular Overview of Mitosis --from the University of Manitoba

Online Biology Textbook--an exciting and new resource for all topics!

Punnett Squares

Punnett Squares: World Builders

Gene Almanac

Schuster's Cellular Chemistry and Genetics Links

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Botany Online--The Internet Hypertextbook --from the University of Hamburg in the process of being translated to English.

Common Trees of Pennsylvania --for the Department of Forestry and a very helpful guide to information on trees

Internet Directory for Botany --A perfect place to look up all of your plants and locate links to all things botany!

Memorial Sloan Kettering--About Herbs, Botanicals and Other Products--a very thorough guide

Missouri Botanical Gardens --a great set of links to all sorts of botanical information from trees to plants!

Plants In Motion--short Quicktime video clips of plant germination, etc.

Plant Pathology Internet Guide Book

PlantFiles --plants database

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Alliance for Lifelong Learning Chemistry Links

Links for Chemists --from the Virtual Library

Biotech Biblionet --Now called Biochemlinks--a guide to the best in biology and chemistry-- a multitude of links including subject guides, learning quizzes and daily science news

Chemistry of Autumn Colors

Department of Chemistry Links--Oregon State University. Tons of useful links here to all aspects of chemistry and education

CHEMystery: An Interactive Guide to Chemistry--online textbook

ChemTeam --A Tutorial for High School Chemistry from Diamond Bar High School in Walnut, CA

Cornell Chemistry List--their Math Science Gateway collection

Eric Weisstein's World of Chemistry

Links for Chemists --from the WWW Virtual Library

National Institute of Standards and Technology Chemistry

PubMed from the National Library of Medicine --searchable database

The Periodic Table of the Elements--also offers links to other periodic tables on the web

Chemicool Table of the Elements --from MIT

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Earth and Environmental Sciences

AAAS Atlas of Population and Environment

Center for Earthquake Research and Information

Comprehensive Weather Information--From Nick Walker in Seattle

A Comprehensives Glossary of Weather Terms for Storm Spotters --from the National Weather Service

Cornell Meteorology


Earth & Ocean Sciences --links from

Earth Science Resources --from the Michigan Electronic Library

Geology Surf Report

Geology Plate Tectonics

National Geologic Map Database

NOAA Billion Dollar U.S. Weather Disasters

NOAA Photo Library --weather images

World Weather Information Service

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General Sciences

Boston's Museum of Science Online Virtual Exhibits

Exploratorium Online Exhibitions--Be sure not to miss the full Exploratorium site as well, including the science of music and the science of baseball.

NASA's Science, Space and Technical Pages

National Science Foundation Research Index --great set of links for both math and physical science!

National Science Foundation Science Statistics

Scientific Search Engines --links to engines for each of the sciences

First Gov for Science or --" is a gateway to authoritative selected science information provided by U.S. Government agencies, including research and development results."--searchable database

Ology --from the American Museum of Natural History

PathFinder Science --an interesting site to explore! Also check their links section

The Paleontology Portal

The Science Department --from Shambles in S.E. Asia, a lot of valuable links.

Science Fair Projects --Step-by-Step Guide

Science Tracer Bullets--from the Library of Congress, a great way to find initial science and technology information with resources to follow up.

Smithsonian's Home Page

The Why Files --the science behind the news

Yahoo's Science Links

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Physiology and Anatomy

For additional health links see our Health Links

American Medical Association Atlas of the Body

Medline Plus Health Information --searchable database

National Library of Medicine--searchable database

Emerging Infectious Diseases

PubMed from the National Library of Medicine --searchable database

Gross Anatomy--from the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences

Locatorplus Home Page--from the National Institute of Health--searchable database

Visible Human Project--from the National Institute of Health

The WWW Dermatology Database --searchable database where you can search by name, type of disease and more.

Frog Dissection Lab

The Visible Embryo--Visuals of human development during the 40 weeks of pregnancy

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Oceanography and Marine Biology

Cetacea --all sorts of whale, dolphin and porpoise information here!

Internet Marine Mammal Resource List

Marine Biology Web--click on Reference Lists, then go to the Subject Areas for a great series of links by topic

Marinelinks from Oceanlink

Marine Biology --National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration

National Museum of Natural History -the fish catalog from the Smithsonian. You'll need the technical name here, then you can do a search.

Ocean Planet Homepage--from the Smithsonian

Oceanweather Inc.--Current Marine Data

Sea World Animal Information Database--from Sea World's pages

Status of Fishery Resources off Northeastern United States


Tidal Information Page--Put in the location and get a tidal chart.

WINDandSEA: The Oceanic and Atmospheric Sciences Internet Locator

Electronic Information on Oceanography --from Woods Hole, MA

WhaleNet at Wheelock College - Boston

Internet Marine Mammal Resource List

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Alliance for Lifelong Learning Physics Links

Amusement Park Physics --from Annenberg

Dolores Gende: PhysicsQuest --online investigations for high school

Imagine the Universe--from NASA

Insultingly Stupid Movie Physics

The Laws --Laws, rules, principles, effects, paradoxes, limits, constants, experiments, & thought-experiments in physics.

Materials Science Lesson Plans

Contemporary Physics Education Project -- links here to all sorts of interesting physics topics and interactive presentations being added to regularly.

The Physics Classroom --a high school physics tutorial

Resources from Physics Web

The Ultimate Physics Resource!

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Amphibian Checklist and Identification Guide

Annelid Resources --all the information on worms one could ask for

Bugs--Surf Report--links to a ton of information on insects

Chemical Ecology of Insects --from John Byers

Insect Database--from UD College of Agricutural Sciences

Invertebrate Zoology and Paleontology Links

WWW Sites for Invertebrates--from the University of Maine

Spineless Wonders Links

BIOSIS--Resource Guide--General Invertebrates

Bird Cage--provides links to info on birds

Entymology on the World Wide Web--a huge collected set of links!

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