With these links you should be able to begin research in the areas of health, nutrition and physical education, but if you don't find what you are searching for here, we suggest you also try the science links in the various areas... especially biology and various links to sports in our Teen Links pages. Updated 01/26/05.

Alphabetical List of Specific Diseases/Disorders --an incredible list of every disease you can think of with linked articles, etc.. A wonderful contribution from Karolinska Institute!

Awesome List of Nutrition Resources from Tufts University

Arizona Health Sciences Library Web Links by Topic

Center for Disease Control

Yale links to all sorts of medical and disease information

Dermatological Resources --a valuable set of links to all sorts of sites on dermatology

Fast Food Facts--Interactive Food Finder--check the calories from your favorite fast food restaurant

Federal Citizen Information Center --all types of health information here.

Healthfinder --"your guide to reliable health information"--Searchable database

Health in the Yahoo Directory

Healthy Diet Guidelines from the Nutrition Index from the University of Illinois-UC

Health Topics --searchable database from Medline

Holistic Medicine Web Page --includes ;links to a vast array of topics

National Institute of Health---searchable database

National Library of Medicine--searchable database

Food Safety and Nutrition Information from the International Food Information Council

Nutrition Analysis Tools(NAT) for Good Health

Nutrition Source, Harvard School of Public Health

PE Central

Physical Education Site --a great set of links from Awesome Library, lesson plans by grade level, standards, listservs, etc.

Southern Illinois University Athletic Training Center

Substance Abuse Treatment Facility Locater

Tufts University Child and Family WebGuide

World Health Organization Health Topics

Yahoo's Sport List--Look here for all sports, including coaching

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