NOTE: For dictionaries, see Rover's References. Updated 01/26/05.

Allen and Greenough's New Latin Grammar --at the Perseus Project--Lots of interesting things here from ancient cultures.

Behind the Name --Nice name translator to find out your name in other languages

Seth's Foreign Language Links --from ITeachNet--- a nice set of links to a number of languages

Electronic Text Center--University of Virginia--texts available in an ever increasing number of languages--English, German, French, Spanish, Chinese, Russian Japanese, Latin, Greek, Hebrew, Tibetan and Icelandic

German Studies Trails on the Web --excellent set of links for teachers and students

German Internet Project--Multimedia Museum for Speech, Literature and Culture, a whole series of links for the study of German

German Language and Literature

Google's Directory for Spain's provinces

Greek and Latin Roots

Hot Internet Sites en Espanol "An Internet Hotlist on Spanish Resources"

Language Links --links for students and teachers to multiple language sites

Lexicool --Directory of bilingual and multilingual dictionaries

Meteo France--La Meteo du Jour --Check the daily weather in Europe with these meteorological maps!

Online Dictionaries and Translators

Paris Home Page--links to museums, etc. with a French version available

Resources for Latin teachers and students

Shambles in S.E. Asia (The Education Project Asia: Modern Foreign Language --Links here to links to many language sites

WWW Virtual Library for German Resources

Spanish History Index --WWW Virtual Library (Regions)

Spanish Language Unlimited ---Information on Spanish culture as well as free online Spanish lessons

Tennessee Bob's Famous French Links ---useful set of links to all things French

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