As a bird hunter extraordinaire, our girl Abby prefers to swim after her answers direct from the reference resources available around the World Wide Web. She'll take you to the best of dictionaries, encyclopedias and other specific reference materials the Web has to offer. Check way down on the page for our new GRANTS LINKS! {Updated 01/12/06}


NGS Publications Index @ to National Geographic

QUICK REFERENCE SITES --Quick reference on a multitude of topics

DeskRef --"Sources for Quick Answers"

The Educator's Reference Desk

Facster --newly set up means of searching statistical abstracts for both the Federal and state information

Information Please --from the Almanac folks

The Internet Public Library Reference --another handy quick resource

Ixquick Metasearch

Librarians Index to the Internet Ready Reference and Quick Facts

Library Spot --Encyclopedias, maps, quotes, dictionaries, etc.

Ready Reference Links --this one by Dewey category and all the way from Palmerston, Australia!

Refdesk: reference, facts, news sources

University of Minnesota Libraries--Reference Sources

Virtual Reference Desk--browse by subject including 54 statistics links and a wide variety of other items

The Acronym Finder --quick and easy way to find out what those abbreviations and acronyms stand for

Ask an Expert--The Pitsco Launch for asking questions

800# Directory --Great Books Online--here you'll find links to a massive list of online references including Bartlett's Quotations, Roget's Thesaurus

Biographical Dictionary

Brewer's Dictionary of Phrase and Fable --put in your phrase and find out where it came from. This from the 1894 edition of the well known reference tool.

Census Bureau--Census 2000 is now online

The CIA World Factbook 2004

Columbia University's Project Bartleby--searchable links to a multitude of resources.

Consumer Reports --click on the A-Z index to get some idea of which reports are free and which require a subscription.


Citation & Style Guides -- from Concordia University Libraries, links to MLA, APA, Chicago and others.

The Citation Builder ---from NCSU's terrific LOBO (Library Online Basic Orientation) site

Citation Machine --a free resource from David Warlick's The Landmark Project

Citing Sources---from Duke University's Guide to Library Research

Colby Writer's Center Citation Guides Links--links to MLA and APA styles and web citations.

Columbia's Guide to Citing Online Resources

Easy Bib

MLA Citation Style Guide --nice set of examples for different types of media from C.W. Post Campus of Long Island University.

A Guide to Writing Research Papers --in this case, the MLA style portion

Currency Converter--displays exchange rates and a handy conversion table

- dMaries Time Capsule/--put in the date and year and find out a ton of things that happened on that date...from history to movies.

Online Dictionaries and Translators

Electronic Reference Desk

Search for Electronic Journals

Encyclopedia Britannica --not all of it is free but some searches are possible

Encyclopedia Smithsonian"> --Annenberg's Political Fact Check--Check up on the background behind the claims!

Fast Facts --links to all sorts of sites for quick information from Gary Price.

Find --useful searchable database of a large number of periodicals in full text.

Flags of the World

French-English Dictionary

Giga Quotes --site with both quotations and biographical information

2004 Summer Olympic Games--from the US Olympic Committee with links to other sites

International Lyric Server this has changed to all those song lyrics that escape you--over 2 million songs

iTools: Research It!--a wonderful spot to look up a wide variety of things of a reference nature--now including language dictionaries

Knowledge Hound: The How-To Hunter ---links to thousands of how-to sights in a variety of topics.

Legislative Information--from Thomas Legislative Information on the internet

Library of Congress


CIA World Factbook 2004

Country Briefings --from the Economist with highly informational links

Country Profiles --from Eldis

Country Reports--for countries of the world.

Countries of the World from Atlapedia

Eradicate Conflict --All the nations of the world here with information on economy, defense, geography, government and people--even the national anthems!

GlobalEdge --"your source for global business knowledge"--includes maps

Internet Express: Where was I?--A series of links to a multitude of map links.

Graphic Map's World Atlas --a phenomenal resource for information on continents, countries, cities, oceans, etc.

Mappy--Road Guide

PAIR--The Portal to Asian Internet Resources">Online Entymology Dictionary --find all the meanings and derivations of words here in addition to some biographical information

Portals to the World--from the Library of Congress

Mapquest--an Interactive Street Atlas

Maps --to just about everywhere!

PAIR (Portal to Asian Internet Resources)--including maps

Merck Manual --guide to much that's medical">Nationmaster "Where Stats Come Alive"

National Address Server--put in the name of the town and get the Zip Code back!

NETiquette --nice introduction to the rules of the Internet road. Check out the whole section on Using the Internet as well!


All the Newspapers in the World --well, almost--Some very valuable links here to the daily news from all over the world.

Full Text Daily News Archives--with Search Engines from the Chico High School Library with many thanks to Peter Milbury for the link!--Awesome set of primary resource documents!

MSNBC --all the news from this combination by Microsoft and NBC

Thousands of Newspapers on the Net

US News Archives on the Web

US Newspaper List

The Wire --Breaking News from the Associated Press


US Olympics

Official Site of the 2006 Winter Olympics at Torino

US Embassy Site for Torino

Olympics Through time--presented by the Foundation of the Hellenic World

Online Dictionaries and Translators

Pathfinders from the staff of Internet Public Library --a great way to get a start on research

Noodle Tools--a valuable set of tools and information to really help you compare the search engines, even a form to fill out to do your bibliography correctly! Get those citations right! An invaluable tool created by Debbie Abilock from California

Quotations and Proverbs --from FaganFinder a searchable index

Research and Database Guide--from Gelman Library at George Washington University

State Resource Center --All kinds of links for the U.S.

Statistical Abstract of the United States --an invaluable tool for US statistics

Vote Smart Web --tracks the progress of 13,000 political leaders

Weather --from Arizona to Zaire wherever you plan to travel



Just a few links to lots of links to get folks started!

The Foundation Center

Library Spot Feature--Grant Writing, Finding Funding, Government Grants.

Smarter Kids Foundation --find a source for lower prices on some of the equipment

Technology Education Page: Grant and Funding Information

US Department of Education--Grants and Contracts