Ocea loves any game of fetch. She can carry two tennis balls at once, but when it's time to "fetch" information, she likes to go to some special favorite places as starting points. {Updated 03/31/06} Now ALPHABETIZED for your convenience. Newer sites at the beginning have yet to be alphabetized for which we apologize! Additional sites of this type are to be found under Fido's Finds for Educators under General Education

BUBL Link --searchable database from England, Catalogue of Selected Internet Resources by Dewey Category

Chico High School Library Helpful Bookmarks --one of those valuable sites from Peter Milbury which also includes links for educators.

Blue Web'n--from Pacific Bell provides a nifty set of subject related links to lesson plans, resources, etc.

Cyberbee --check out their 25 top sites!

CyberDewey --If you know the call number of your subject in the Dewey Decimal System, you can find it here!

Education Resource Information Center (ERIC) --searchable database of some of the former ERIC documents for education.

The Educator's Reference Desk ---handy guide for teachers and students for topics of educational interest

From Now On publication of Jamie McKenzie

Global Schoolhouse--collaborative projects, etc.

Kathy Schrock's Guide for Educators--the best and most complete starting point we've found

Knowledge Hound; The How To Hunter--large list of all kinds of topics

Learning in Motion --Includes Assess Math and a monthly top 10 list of sites with a lot of additional material

Library of Congress Learning Page --part of the fabulous American Memory resource

Morton Grove Public Library Webrary--a very nice set of links organized by Dewey category

Multnomah Country Library's Electronic Resources --and excellent set of links from a terrific library

ORB The Online Reference Book for Medieval Studies

Texas Education Network

Virtual Architecture's Web Home --another Judi Harris special--How to integrate the Internet with specific lesson plans, activities and structures

Virtual Learning Resource Center --searchable and set up by Dewey categories

If you have suggestions for sites to add, please send us a comment on our homepage!