Anasazi likes to travel the local circuit. Follow her and you'll find what the Boothbay Harbor Region and Maine have to offer in the way of links. {Updated 01/12/06}

These resources are for our LOCAL NETWORK ONLY:

BRHS Library Catalog--not yet available!

American History Online --new in 2005

Culturegrams from Proquest--a new database from for us in 2004. Check here for all countries with information on history, culture, living, even recipes!

Daily Life and World Cultures Online --Hit Login for either of these databases which you can access from home--See Mrs. Aley for ID and password.

Ferguson's Career Guidance Center---all kinds of interesting career information here from Facts on File. See your handout or Mrs. Aley for password and ID

Maine's MARVEL Databases --(magazine articles, newspaper articles and health resources and a large number of new ones this year! ) If you're looking for author information, criticism, sociology or science and a multitude of other valid information this is for you! This one you can access from home--See Mrs. Aley for ID and password.

Opposing Viewpoints Resource Center - This one is great for information on any topic for research reports. It can also be accessed from home--See Mrs. Aley for ID and password.

SIRS Researcher and SIRS Government Reporter - A searchable database for tons of social studies information and for research reports. This one you can also access from home--See Mrs. Aley for ID and password.

World History --from ABC-CLIO. Here's the history information you need in a searchable database. See Mrs. Aley for ID and password.

These first links should enable you to access most of what's around this section of New England:


Searching all libraries in the state of Maine currently involves 3 search locations. Ultimately it is hoped that the Maine Info Net project will host all, but for now we need to search all three:

Once you have found a book you need, you will need to go to Maine State Library--Interlibrary Loan Services to fill out the form to place your order. Please see Mrs. Aley or Mr. Morrison for how to go about this!